Friday, August 28, 2015

Riding Out the Storm

We are due for one heck of a nasty storm to hit us in the next few days.  Because of the Red Cycle that has started up AGAIN, we will be riding out the storm on the installation.  One vehicle family.

No passes and no leave is granted during Red Cycle.  Unless of course it is a family emergency.

Next week I am undergoing a medical procedure.  It is elective.  It is also experimental. If it works then I will go for the next phase.  Unfortunately I have to be in a lot of pain for the experiment to be performed on my back first.  It is called a Diagnostic Lumbar Facet.  The doctor goes in with needles and injects a local anesthetic to the nerves at the facet with the hope that it will stop the pain for a few hours.  If it works then he can go back in in a few weeks and burn out the nerve roots.  That is temporary too.  They grow back in about six months.  With all my other medical conditions causing pain one less source of pain would be nice.  I'm hopeful that this will work.

Rather than drive up to my Mom's house in NC and leave my DH without a car for a week and skip out on the back appointment we are going to ride out the storm.  I'm hoping that it turns out to be nothing.  Praying that it is just going to be minor damage.  But we are going to move any possible objects that can fit in our attached shed  into it rather than make them possible flying debris.  I've also asked DH to bring in the sheets of plywood, nails and hammer just in case a window gets broken.   Not all of our neighbors will be so thoughtful to bring in their things I'm sure.

Hoping that any of my readers in the path of the storm stay safe.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Photo Dump

Curly Hair
He is MINE

First Swing Ride


Gift for E's 16th bday I bought ahead of time 111 yrs old 18kt gold

flower box garden
flowers down the line

Eily just being so darn cute
I need time to think

I said I would post photos when I got the chance.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thirteen Months and Counting

Little E turned thirteen month this past weekend.  I swear the day just flew right by unnoticed by us.  The three of us have been very busy.

E is cutting a new tooth.  This tooth is stubborn.

She has a plethora of new words.  Just yesterday she said Ice Cream.  She has also said: Duck ( she likes watching Sarah & Duck), Good God,  Good Stuff,  Damn It ( I wonder where she got that from!) and God Damn (again you can guess where she got that one) and she does say Ook (she is trying to say book).  Just yesterday I chewed J out for using the F word in Little E's presence.

We had to take her to the Pediatricians' office on Tuesday due to her wheezing and coughing.  For a couple of nice sunny days, a rarity here, we had been taking her to the playground.  Well it obviously made her allergies worse.  The doctor didn't do much for her.  She offered to put Little E on Zyrtec.  E is already on Zyrtec.  If the doctor had checked the chart she would have seen that.  E's eczema has gotten worse since going outside too.  I already put Eucerin on her.  The doctor then prescribed her, guess what, Eucerin.  Okay so why did I bother to book an appointment?  Well I did get one thing done that got overlooked from her 12 month appointment....the Lead blood draw.  Yes, the doctor at the 12 month appointment said he would put the lab in and totally forgot since he was concerned about the ridging on her nails.  I made a point of showing the doctor this time and she put in the lab draw. 

Yesterday I caught Little E trying to eat a paint chip.  Yikes!

E is now 31 1/2 inches tall and 23.2 pounds.  She can no longer fit under the dining room table with ease.

Turns out our housing wasn't built in the late 70's as we were told but in the 50's according to the workmen that come out to fix this dump apartment.  I'm still waiting for the rotting support beams on the patio and roof line to be replaced.  No one has come to look at them.  It has been three weeks since it was reported and noted on the last workman's white sheet.  I'll believe it when I have the guys in blue walking in my fenced in back yard.

The one beautiful feature in my backyard is the flower boxes I put up.  Yes I couldn't help myself.  I decided that I had to have something pretty to look at this year.  So I dug out my flower boxes and I purchased for my birthday plants!

I have pictures of E and the flowers but for some reasons I'm having troubles loading them. Maybe I'll try again another time.