Saturday, August 19, 2017

Counting Down to Graduation

Graduation is in just a few days.  There is just too many things that have to be done and not enough human adult force around the house to get them all done.

Before graduation is clearing.  This is stressful enough on my spouse with me adding in the reminders of, "hey remember that project you promised to help me finish before you MOM SHOWS UP?".  Well up that doesn't help one bit.

Plus add in one very active toddler.  Today this toddler, Eilonwy, wanted to learn to cook on the stovetop.  I caught my husband indulging her.  I said, "NO!".    I gave them both a fig newton calmed down her crying because I took her away from the frying pan.  I told him not until she is tall enough to reach the dials on the stove on her own without a chair.   Never leave the father alone with the child when it comes to cooking unless he knows what he is doing around a stove.  DH has told me he doesn't have common sense and this time he proved it.

I'm having some bad Fibromyalgia flare ups.  I'll fall asleep, while DH is home, for several hours while only hoping to take a 30 minute cat nap.  This doesn't ruin me for sleep at night as I'm still exhausted and need the sleep too.  I cannot fight the fatigue.  What is driving me nuts is that I'm loosing my precious computer time to continue the writing I had started earlier in the month.  I started a short novel.  It was going somewhere this time.  I plan on actually finishing one of my stories.

This week I accomplished cutting, and sewing the hem on a new pair of DH's dress blue pants.  They wouldn't have been ready in time for his graduation.  He forgot I knew how to sew.  I was aghast.  I've been sewing since I was 4 years old.  I made my first dress at age 8.  I know I told him that.  My mother was so proud of me.  I earned a badge in scouts for it too.

I finished the table I was making for outside for DH.  It was made using tanagram pieces.  Some of which had to be cut smaller.  All had to be glued in place.  Next step was using the spray exterior sealer so that it would be waterproof.  Good thing too.  We had a nasty rainstorm last night.  With the glass top that went over it last night none of the water that did get under the glass did any damage.

Yesterday DH and I worked on adding a piano hinge to the antique hope chest that I have.  It was my Grandmother's old hope chest that was created from the top half of an upright piano.  The last move did major damage to the lid.  I was able to straighten the hinges, glue the cracks, fix the deranged lock, and have DH help me add the strut support hinge.  Next  step is DH is going to build the tray with the legs so that the hope chest sits in the tray.  It will work as a proper coffee table.  It won't stop the movers from breaking it I'm sure.

Today I still have to dye my hair.  I'm waiting for DH to take our daughter Eilonwy with him to the hardware store.  Free time for mommy.