Monday, May 23, 2016

4 Days Post-OP

Thursday I had my gallbladder removed.  I'd say I feel better but right now that would be a lie.  I do look better.  My skin is no longer a sickly yellow that it has been for almost a year.  I'm now in the bloom of pink to my cheeks once more.

Due to my adhesions the surgeon couldn't do the normal four-five cuts on the right side.  He had to do one cut under my xiphoid process, another  two off to the left, 1 just above my naval.  Two look to be infected already but it is hard to tell under the layers of glue.

The strapping pain from the gas is the killer.  My shoulders hurt so bad.  I gained roughly 8 pounds from the gas and fluids of surgery and have 3 more to shed.  I had been losing weight before the surgery and eating healthy.  I was already down to a size 14 and working towards a size 12.  Right now the only thing comfortable is sweat pants.

We aren't going to Korea as a family.  Do to the mess with the N.K leader the area I would have gone to is now not allowing family members.  For now E is enjoying her time with daddy.

Ugh I need to go lie down again.  My arms are killing me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

21 Months

E has a cold.  This isn't the first.  She is cranky.  Not much new to tell.  Everything she says right now is "NO" even if she decides she does want it after.  LOL

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

20 Months Already

Time has flown by again.

E no longer babbles like she used to.  The other day she said, "look at me".

She says:
Me Me

to add to just a few new words in the past few days.

She duck walks, jumps, and likes to climb the rock wall.  We are still working on potty training.  Just need to find time for everything!!!!

Smiling with food in mouth

E's hair is curly so we need to pull as much of it back as possible at all times to prevent it from tangling.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Out of Time

Writing while E is down for a nap.  So I'm writing while the time is running out.

She turned 19 months old on the 8th.  She is into everything as per usual.  She now likes to stand on a step stool to brush and floss her own teeth at the sink.  She feeds herself at meals with the utensils.  She knows how to use a handkerchief but isn't so good at the blowing part as of yet.  I know there are a few new things but I'm forgetting them at present.

My vitamin D2 was low.  20 was the count.  So I'm back on the prescription formula.

I fell on a date with my DH the other night.  None of the wait staff gave a good shit.  They saw it.  I didn't think about making a report and they didn't offer to make one either.

Two days later my knees continued to swell up and my hip was getting worse.  I went to the ER's Fast track.  Turns out I have contusions on my knees, I knew that, and a hip strain.  Since I'm now on Hysingla ER (the root nerve burn out only lasted 4 months) I probably shouldn't be feeling as much pain as I do but I am.  I've only been on the Hysingla ER about a week.  Hurts to walk, sit, stand, lie down, squat, and I'm certainly not going to kneel right now.

BUT I am doing housework.  WHY?  Well, because DH is out in the field.  Someone has to take care of E and the house and Bugsy.

Well time is up.  E is fussing in her crib.  Better post this while I still can.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Long Awaited Words

Last night as I was enjoying some down time coloring while my husband was getting Eily ready for bed the little routine was interrupted by some words I'll soon not forget.

Eily had been quiet for some time.  We had been worried.  For almost three months she has regressed on her speaking and was back to almost babbling.  Then came Christmas block leave.  DH was able to take twenty days much needed leave.  I was finally able to get some rest.  We spent time together as a family and played with Eily together.

We worked together on her language skills.  By the end of his leave she was back to saying her colors when the mood struck her.  We cheered her on.  I still sit with her daily and go over her colors when she hands me a block, any block.  Her new alphabet blocks, periodic chart blocks and colored building blocks add to the fun of her Unico building blocks (knock off Legos).

DH has now been back to work for two weeks.  Last night Eily came into the living room where I was working on my coloring, I chose to use my left hand to build up strength in it for surgical reasons plus I can write and draw almost as well left as what I do with the right, when she said those long awaited words that most parents are shocked to hear.

I always tell her how much she means to me every day, every moment I can.  I tell her how bright she is.  How beautiful, how special, and so on and so forth.

DH was agape when she said, "Mama, I Love You!" to me last night.  I looked up and said I love you Eily.  I wasn't shocked.  I knew she'd say it when she'd get around to it.  I got up from my chair and hugged her.

I did grin.  I'm pleased that she made that sentence with a pause and it came out so clearly too.  I'm so proud since she is only 18 months old.  I'm not sure if this is normal for kids her age but I don't care either.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

18 Months

A lot has happened since  last I blogged.  It isn't that I haven't wanted to blog it is more that my life is getting more complex and I seem to have less time.  With that said I'll be keeping this brief.

Eily's head is measuring large.  49 cm at her 18 month check up.  She'll have to be seen in 6 more weeks for a check up and a possible cat scan of her head.

Her height is good at 32 and 3/4 inches.

Weight is 25.6 lbs.

She is into everything.

She climbs up the stairs to the big slides now. 

Eily likes to help with the housework and can work the carpet sweeper all on her own.  If I left her alone with the vacuum I'm sure she'd have that figured out next!

If I don't watch her she likes to take Daddy's clothing, that was neatly folded and stacked, and put it in the hamper.

Eily is cutting her two year old molars.  She still likes to drink her stage 3 milk from a bottle.  If we put it into a sippy cup she'll drink a little and just leave it there.  Fine if it is water but formula is expensive.  Sure we could just give her bovine milk but it doesn't have all the vitamins that stage 3 Enfamil has in it.  DH discussed this with E's doctor this past week and tried to make the doctor understand why we still give formula.  He said that you either prescribe her liquid vitamins or we are going to keep giving her formula for her age.  The doctor backed down. 

Eily gets enough milk products daily in the form of cheese and yogurt that she doesn't drink much of the milk since she doesn't care for the taste.  I'm not going to flavor the darn stuff and get her hooked on extra sugar in her diet at this age either.

Eily's dental insurance will be kicking in this February so she'll be going to see a dentist hopefully that month.  She already gets her teeth brushed and flossed daily.  We don't put her to bed with a bottle and after a bottle she gets water.  If she is due to go down to sleep she gets her mouth cleaned.

As for the nipple bottle issue.  It takes her about 3-7 minutes to finish 6 oz of formula.  I don't see how 4 bottles, tops, a day is going to mess with her mouth!  It isn't like she sucks her thumb or sucks on a pacifier which would do more damage.

Friday, November 13, 2015

16 Months

Eily loves to color.  I swear it is one of the words most often uttered from her mouth these days.

She drew this just for me this morning.  Not bad for a 16 month old!  I'm not sure when they are supposed to be able to make circles but she has been making them for a couple of weeks now.  This is her best one yet.

She not only takes the crayons out of the box but she also puts them back in the box when she is done.  Smart kid.  I hope this continues to happen with some of her toys but I doubt it.  I know I was messy as a kid and I don't expect her to be a neat freak either.