Monday, December 26, 2016

My Little Workshop

I've been keeping myself busy making jewelry.
Kyanite and White Sapphire set in sterling silver

cat's eye Moonstone, Peridot, and Alexandrite set in Sterling Silver

10kt Rose gold with diamond accent with 9x7mm Smokey Topaz

some of my gems and settings

a few of my tools

My mom sent me a nice Dremel set including butane torch and engraving tool.  She also sent along a Dremel stand so I can do more hand free work.  I have to admit for being untrained I think I'm doing pretty darn good on my jewel. 

The 30th of December I have a liver biopsy.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Our morning started off quite well.  Eily opened up her gifts and helped us open up our gifts.

J videoed a good portion of the morning.

J did all the cooking and all the clean up.  Yay!  Mommy got to take a much needed afternoon nap before the guests arrived.

Our neighbors came over.  Julia, Nick and little Greyson brought over some wonderful rolls.  Jesus arrived a little late but his place at the table was set.  Jesus stayed the longest with us since he no one to go home to today.  Julia had the day off from hard work of housework and loved it as much as I did.  We are making plans on doing more things together after the holidays.

Everything went fine until the late evening call.  Wishing I hadn't called now.  Turns out some of the family doesn't like finding out that our precious daughter was conceived using ART.  Noses got bent out of shape.  I said the f word quite a bit.  I feel as though we should educate the public more so that our child have a future just the same as any kid out there.  I mean it is going to come out that they are children of ART sooner or later.

I cried.  She is my baby.  I detest those that dare call her a "non human".  May they rot in whatever hell exists.  I can't believe I actually got a lecture from a family member tonight to basically not tell anyone about how she was created.   Why?  I'm not ashamed of my baby.  I'm not ashamed of the process.  If I can enlighted people to the truth I will.

It is so nice to find other parents that had infertility issues that used ART too.  It is a relief when I move to a new installation to find someone that is open like I am about the struggles we go through.  To hide it is to hide behind a veil of shame, to hide in a closet crying in pain while others have what we long for, what we would die for.

How can those people be a hypocrite on a day like today of all days.  A day where Christ our Saviour was born.  He who was born by the "grace of GOD" through the angel Gabriel much like an ART procedure.

So put that on your fork dear family and eat  it with whipped cream.