Thought I'd post a before the Army picture.  J and I were engaged here and attending the same college.  It was Feb 2005, lots of layers, temps bottoming out at -60 F.  His hair is not short but pulled back in a long ponytail.  Somewhere in his pockets I'm sure is stuffed his favorite rabbit fur Elmer Fudd style hat he used to wear back then.

Our wedding day.  Beard is now a goatee and his hair is drawn back into a pony tail.  Often folks think I married an Army guy until I show them the wedding photo.  I had no idea our future would become what it was and if I had I still wouldn't have changed a thing.


  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing with your following!

  2. Oh and I cant leave without saying that you look like a princess in your wedding day photo!


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