Thursday, May 29, 2014

Some Bit of Happiness

Finding that silver lining in the clouds isn't always easy especially during rainy season in the south but I think I found a bit of it yesterday.  I had my weekly ultrasound and this time they gave me pictures.  After the ultrasound I got the chance to speak with the NP and she gave me good news.

All is well with baby girl.  Again they are just worried about my health.  They think I'll be able to deliver at the Army hospital here on Stewart which is good news for me since I live on post and don't want to have to be rushed 24 miles away to the Savannah hospital.  J likes to tease me, geez I hope that he is teasing me, about them having to do a life flight for my high risk pregnancy if Stewart can't handle it.

I should be able to do the hypnobabies now that I've agreed to a lock in the back of my hand for fluids and deemed medically necessary only medications.  They know I don't want pain meds as I don't tolerate them well.  I will of course plan out the information sheet that I will give to them and keep a copy on hand if the first sheet should get lost.

Now for the visit.

Urine was good
BP: 134/61
weight:  gained 0.2 pounds considering my appointment time was for 4:15 PM and I got seen at 5 PM and had eaten at least two meals yesterday by then the weight isn't that bad for a difference from the previous week.  Still down about 5 pounds from the starting weight.
Amniotic fluid density was 15.2 which is good
Practice breathing was on the mark

I normally don't like the 3D and 4D photos that are done of the babies as they really creep me out.  Recently a friend posted one of her baby and it was terrible.  I mean it looked like a puzzle badly put together.  She had her's done at the same amount of weeks that I am now.  Must be the machine that did the imagining was crappy.  I was really surprised at how well the imaging came out yesterday.  Still a bit creepy as Baby Hiccup decided to start opening up her eyes at the last frame.

She was doing her practice breathing here.

I think she looks a lot like J when he was a baby. If I could fine a copy of the photo I know I put on this blasted computer to share with you of his baby photo I would but alas after 15 minutes of searching I can't find it.  So annoying.  At least I have two hard copies of his baby photo.  Oh and she is smooshed up next to the placenta in the photos.
Okay I found a photo of J at his first Christmas.  Now doesn't she look a lot like him?  He was about 3 months old, maybe 4 months old in this photo.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Venting Some Bile

The title will have given all of you a bit of warning so I'm going to plunge into what is pissing me off since last night when J came home.

First off J tells me that the commander wanted to know my due date.  Okay no big deal.  They battery is slated for NTC, yes J already went in January with his old battalion, in August just after I deliver.  Oh not because the commander thinks that J should be left behind.  No the commander is putting us on the list.  What list?  The list that the Sergeant Major has so that he can be a plague upon your door step as soon as you get home from the hospital.  Yes, we are going to get a visit from the SGM.  I really don't want to be entertaining the man while bleeding heavy from birthing a baby.  I have endometriosis, adenomyosis, a 9cm ovarian cyst and a fibroid on my uterus.  I'm going to just want to sit there in jammie on a towel to help prevent ruining furniture if I bleed through.  I'm not going to want to serve coffee, cake, tea or cookies to someone that just basically wants to do a health and welfare inspection but wants to call it another name.  I won't really want to be seeing anyone that doesn't bring me gift of a casserole or housework offers.  Is that so wrong?

I swear if I have to see the SGM he better be bringing Merry Maids along with him.

Second thing that pissed me off is that J has been notified from the FRG that they would like me to take a spot that is open.  They offered it to me last meeting and I said no.  I'm a high risk pregnancy due in July I told them.  During J's new comer brief the crew on duty said that they have an opening for me as village mayor.  Again NO!

But it really burns my ass that I barely know the FRG and last night in my email, yes they have my contact information and said they would get in touch with me to see if I need anything, and have invited me to the baby shower for the wife of a high ranking NCO who is due for a girl in July.  What am I chopped liver?  Where is my baby shower?  They all know when I'm due.  Where is my team that is going to take care of my needs.  Oh wait, my spouse isn't a high ranking NCO or officer so yeah I get nothing....just like I did at JBLM after giving them six years of my "free time" to the FRG I got nothing.

I still get emails from my old FRG who still hasn't realized, though I write them back each email, I moved and am due in July.  Nor have they sent me my yearly appreciation for volunteer service award that is giving out each April.  I'm sure they miss my input, cookies and the blankets I made for the wounded warrior project as I was one of the few to actually show up to the meetings.  But really I'm ticked off.  I ended up throwing my own baby shower.

 Now some wife of a high ranking NCO is going to get a baby shower on the FRG dime?  Someone I maybe met once and don't remember her at all.  There has been just one FRG meeting since I moved here.  I gave out my contact information willingly to several of the members because they looked like they would be helpful in me getting to know new people and finding my way around the new duty station.  Not one phone call.  Just an invite to give someone a gift and celebrate their baby.  Mind you I would love to go if I weren't so tired, breathless, having cramps for the past month and new the lady well enough to feel comfortable going but I'm not one that even likes parties to begin with.

There I vented.  Have at it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Figuring Out Bottles

Ugh, who knew that a baby could possibly be so fussy.  No, she isn't here yet.  But I've been forewarned that babies often don't like the bottle you buy.  So I purchased three different bottles all meant to help prevent colic.  I was a colicky baby and my mother thought she'd go nuts with trying to feed me.

From what I've read, even though I'm going to attempt to breastfeed, I'll need about 6 to 8 four ounce or 250 ml bottles.  I have the Avent gift set I received at my shower.  For me it is my preferred brand but who knows what baby Hiccup will like.  Today I ordered the Dr. Brown gift set and a single 250 ml Comotomo bottle.  I did put more bottles on my Amazon registry but I'll not know what she prefers for a bit.  I'm going to try to hold off on bottle feeding the breast milk until about week three.  But that all depends on when my milk comes in and the amount that does come in.  Still if I can't breast feed for some reason the bottles won't go to waste.  I'll be needing them for sure.

J managed to get the infant car seat, Britax B, installed correctly and inspected over the weekend.  The fire department did tell him that he has too many potential projectiles in the car.  I've been telling him that very thing for years!  I guess it takes someone besides a family member for him to finally listen?

I've lost more weight.  Ugh, is it so hard to keep weight on?  I keep see-sawing about a two pound weight loss and regain and today again it is a weight loss.  I'm within a pound of my pre-FET weight right now.

Tomorrow I go to see the Perinatologist in Savannah.  Thursday I see the OB at Winn Army Medical here at Ft. Stewart.

Thursday morning Balfour Beatty workmen will finally be showing up to start the closet project.  I might just be having two decent closets in less than two weeks if all goes well.  I'm not going to hold my breath as I'm still waiting on the new bathroom vanity door to show up and it has been a month since those were ordered!!!

Yes, they know I'm pregnant and that I want to get the nursery organized soon.  They know I'm high risk and can't live with the paint fumes.  But honestly they don't care.  They get their rent money and they have to be called daily to keep on their asses about the work orders or so I've been told by numerous residents.

Oh and I talk to the neighbors while doing yard sales.  This weekend I picked up a Johnny Jump Up for only 25 cents.  It just needed to be washed and it looks practically new.  If I see any bottles at the yard sales I'll be sure to get them but so far no luck.  I've only been able to pick up a sterilizer.  However I did get 12 nice pieces of baby clothing including jackets for only $8.  I thought for sure with the holiday weekend there would be more yard sales but I guess this installation doesn't want to bother with them.  Babies grow too darn fast to buy everything brand new for them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wow Where Did The Time Go

Hi to all those new folks and old followers.  It is the May ICLW already.

This week I am 30 weeks pregnant.  I just got a notice that I should be installing the car seat and getting my bags packed for the hospital while I still can bend at the waist.  Tonight when J comes home from work I'll mention the car seat installation to him.  Luckily we have a four day weekend.  J sprained his ankle yesterday at PT during a run.  They run every day.  So he'll be glad to have the heads up since he is moving a bit slower.

I just had a friend on FB ask me how much I've lost.  I actually had to stop and figure that one out.  I'm still 5 pounds under my starting pregnancy weight and if I'm supposed to have gained about 18 pounds by this week that means I've actually lost about 23 pounds.  Yes, I look small.  But the baby girl is growing nicely.  Last week Thursday she was weighing 2 pounds 13 ounces which puts her a bit ahead in the weight department than the average baby for her age.  I'm pleased.

I am eating.  This morning I had two eggs scrambled with cheese.  1 10 ounce glass of 100% V-8 Fusion juice and 1 10 ounce glass of chocolate milk.  Yeah the only way you are going to get me to drink milk since it causes my throat to be coated and I start to itch, is by making it chocolate.  Yes, I'm allergic to milk but nothing deadly.  Sometimes I have a mild asthma reaction to it but nothing that I can't handle with an inhaler.  I'll have a second glass of milk later in the day and try to reach that 32 ounces of milk by the end of the day.  I still eat nuts as a snack.  I guess the high protein diet is really helping to keep off the excess weight and make the baby grow strong.  She is just fine, I'm not but then again I'm old to having my first baby as the doctors like to remind me.  As if I had a choice in when I got pregnant!  If I did I would have had my first child years ago when I started those expensive infertility treatments.

For everyone still in the trenches trying I wish you the best in keeping your relationship with your significant other strong, keeping your sanity, and I truly hope you are soon pregnant with a take home baby.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Busy Bee

J and I are still unpacking.  But other than a few boxes in the kitchen of damaged items and items for a yard sale I'd say that the apartment is unpacked.  The shed on the other hand, J's domain, is far from free and clear.

Yesterday I ordered for him a sturdy shelving unit identical to the one I had ordered and he put together for our utility room.  Now he can store his gear and tools on a shelving unit and still have room for his shop vac, work bench (if he ever finds its) and other items that don't get shelved.

Over the weekend J and I worked on the furniture in the baby's room.  There was quite a bit of damage to several antiques and unfortunately three of the pieces were ones we had put aside for our baby.  The antique Bird's-eye Maple dresser was ruined in my opinion.  The bottoms of each of the three drawers needed new pieces glued and nailed to them along with scratches, digs and stains fixed on the outside.  I found no less than three water glass rings on two pieces of furniture.  Seriously couldn't they put their bottled water some where besides on my furniture?  The antique cherry desk had issues too.  When they were bringing it into the house I stopped them.  Sticking out of the desk flap was a piece of the cherry wood that someone had splintered off and just decided to stick in the desk and partially out of it.  I was pissed.  So far it looks as though it has come from the underside of the desk in an area that is only partially seen.  But I bought paint markers for both pieces of furniture and lemon oil.  The Bird's-eye nursing rocker also has damage to it.  But since it uses the same marker and oil as the dresser I didn't have to purchase double.  I do have to say that all three pieces look wonderful now.  I had taken photos of all of my household goods before we moved, during the moving into the house and will take photos of them in the next few days to show what had to be done.  I have photos of where J was gluing and nailing pieces into the furniture.  Yes, I also saved receipts for purchases to repair the items too.

Thursday I have to go back to my Savannah Perinatologist.  While there I plan on checking out a furniture store on Bee street.  I still need to purchase a night stand for the baby's room.  Oh I realize she won't need it for about two years but I'd like to have it on hand so that I have a place to put one of the lamps in her room.

Her closet is packed right now with all the gear we purchased for her.  When we are fully done with restoring her furniture and assembling her crib, whenever that shows up, we'll put down the carpet, move the furniture into position and start taking things out of her closet.  However, as soon as we are done with restoring her dresser I am going to start washing her clothes and diapers.  I'd like to get things ready soon just in case she decides to show up a few weeks early.

Here is a 30 week photo:

Friday, May 16, 2014

First Perinatology Visit

Yesterday J drove us to Coastal Perinatology for our first visit.  I will be seeing them again next week too.

Since I am writing this on my tablet and am unable to get to the box that has my accessories in it I will keep this brief.

Every week from here on through the remainder of the pregnancy I have to be seen by either the military high risk or the perinatologist.  The baby is just fine but I am not.

Baby girl weighed 2 pounds 13 ounces yesterday at 29 weeks 4 days gestational age.
I lost 2.6 more pounds.

No they aren't concerned about the weight loss.  Their concern is my risk of a heart attack during labor.  I might yet have to have a C section.

I am also to be seen by the cardiologist here at Winn Medical as per request of the perinatologist.

Iam hoping that by Sunday night I will have my desktop computer up and running.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Birthing Plan

I took the plunge and purchased the hypnobabies program.  This past OB appointment I told my physician that I planned on using hypnobabies.  He was concerned because I'm not a 20 something year old and that I'd be in a lot of pain.  I personally don't do well on pain medications.  However he made me see a bit of reason that I might just need an epidural.  If I do then I'll get one.

If all goes well J will be there for the birthing.  If not I'll be doing it alone and hopefully it won't be a scream as Joan Rivers would said it would be.  J does have some training coming up with his new unit so anything is possible.

This week I'll be reading through class one of the hypnobabies and listening to the cd tracks once I find my cd player.  Alas I'm still not finding everything and I've yet to open all the boxes too.  Just no energy to go through the last forty boxes.  I'll have to find the energy as J goes back to work tomorrow.  I was nice to have him home for the three day weekend to help out.

Right now I can hear hammering as J is hanging up the curio cabinets and a painting in the living room.  He has also been hammering away on the baby's dresser, my old bird's eye dresser.  Alas my dresser didn't fare all that well during the move.  J and I have been making several trips to Lowes since we received our belongings this past Monday.  Yesterday it was to purchase wood filler glue, a dowel, and furniture makers.  Ugh!  When I get the chance I'll post photos of the damaged and broken items.

Friday, May 9, 2014

28 Week OB Check Up

Yesterday was my 28th week check up at the OB here at Fort Stewart.  Again a different doctor.  In the many weeks I've been going to an OB here and at Madigan I've yet to see the same doctor twice.  As of yesterday when they started to schedule the next few appointments it looks like they'll be keeping me with Dr. Canady.  He is a really sweet man.  Great personality, older, and I hope he turns out to be the one I'll look forward to seeing in the Labor and Delivery suite.

Next week Thursday I head over to the Perinatologist in Savannah.  Tricare is allowing me four appointments with them and hopefully I'll get to use them all before she is born.

I finally gained two pounds.  But alas I got on the scale this morning and found that I'd dropped 0.6 pounds overnight.  I swear it is all this unloading of boxes I'm doing that is causing the weight to drop off.  Dr. Canady isn't too worried.  He said the weight guidelines should be thrown out the window.  He also said that I have baby that is growing just fine but that she is well hidden.  I'm really getting tired of the remarks from women where they keep saying, "you are so small for 7 months".  I want to tell them, "yes, because this is my first baby and I'm not constantly stuffing my face with empty calories either".

Weight:  + 2 pounds which still makes me 3 pounds under my starting weight and of course another 0.6 pounds lost this morning gives me more wiggle room.

BP: 124/75

Fetal heart rate: 145

Fundal height: 31 cm.  Yes the dizzy spells I've been having can be attributed to the growth spurt of my uterus and baby.

Anatomy scan will be coming up soon.  High risk OB in Savannah will either be requesting that Stewart do it or they will do it themselves next week though I don't think I'm due for another anatomy scan until 32 weeks.

3 hour Gestational Diabetes test:  I passed with perfectly normal numbers!  Thankfully I corrected my eating habits early on with the 8 week test failure and barely passing the 10 week test.

Thyroid test:  controlled nicely on current dosage of synthroid.

On a different note:  My dad is still in the hospital.  We are hoping that soon he'll go to the nursing home for recovery.  Unfortunately he developed pneumonia after his surgery which was a complication we were hoping he'd bypass this time around.

I've called my mom and requested that J and I be allowed to come up for a visit on Memorial Day weekend as it is the last time until I deliver that I can travel up to see them.  She told me that my brother had requested that weekend too.  Well damn, I mean they won't get the chance to see me but for maybe an overnight trip as I pass through in November or December for the baby's christening.  I think I should get priority this time for that very reason.  My dear brother can get vacation easily while J can't.  Besides I have stuff to bring to my mom's that she'd like to have I reminded her.  Unlike my brother that makes a nuisance of himself while there and my parents often can't wait for him to leave.

I mean it isn't much that I'm bringing up to mom.  I have some hand embroidered table linen that I made and will fit her dining room table.  Also her grocery cart is bent to hell and I never used nor took out of the box the winnie wagon I purchased 6 years ago when I thought I'd be moving to Korea with J.  It is something she said she'd love to have and I intend on bringing it up to her and assembling it for her.  She has a ramp in the back of the house for dad's wheelchair which makes it easier to get the groceries out of her SUV too.

So we'll see what some pleading will do.  Hoping that mom understands that it is now or never with the wagon too as next time I come up the SUV will be filled with baby stuff, baby, and cat headed to NY with just an overnight stay at her place.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Disappearing Act

Yesterday my household goods arrived.  Some of the things that I need the most are missing and not on the inventory.

For example I have my washer but the hoses are missing.

I have my china hutch but the glass shelves are missing.

J is missing his work bench.

Jamal from the moving company gave us a hard time yesterday.  The man is disrespectful and has a real attitude.  We ended up on the phone no less than five times yesterday and ended up having two screaming matches with him.

Jamal started complaining that he couldn't use our toilet.  First off the cat is in that room.  Secondly the water for the whole cul-de-sac had been turned off.  It wasn't turned back on until 1700 hrs.  He continued to complain about the fire hydrant being open and the rushing water noise making he want to pee more.  Dude just shut up.  I'm pregnant, I have a full bladder too and it isn't like I can just up and go off in a vehicle to go pee somewhere like you can as I have to be here to supervise.  This was the first full move J has done and needed to be guided. J didn't even know that I could request them to unpack our goods too.  I decided to decline because this crew were idiots and that is putting it politely.

The first screaming match was me telling Jamal to please stop talking.  He is worse than someone trying to sell you something over the phone and just won't shut up.  Finally I told him to leave the house I was going to call his boss and if he didn't leave I was going to fire him from the job.

They refused to open up the crates and put in place the furniture first to ensure that the boxes could be placed around them which would have prevented them from having to move the boxes three times or more to fit all the furniture into the house.  IDIOTS!

We ended up with the Quality Assurance personnel department for the installation sending out their representative named Nellie.  Nellie gave a few choice words to Jamal, Bryan and the other work man.  They weren't doing things right and scuffing up the walls and damaging our inventory.

Nellie hung around until 1500 hrs but had to leave after that.  She did tell me to keep an eye on Jamal as he has an attitude.  Well not long after she left Jamal started in again.  Come 1630 hours when it was evident that we are missing items and he refused to look for them I had had it.

Jamal had plunked his sweated, dirty body down at my dining room table on the nicely reupholstered chair and decided to do his paperwork there.  He didn't ask if he could sit down on the chairs making them grubby.  He had plenty of room at the kitchen counter to sign his paperwork.  The rest of us including the two other crew members were looking for the items.  I asked him if he was going to help look for the items. He gave me lip that he had to do his paperwork.  I told him he could do it at the counter.  He started in on my attitude.  I said we weren't going to sign off on the paperwork until we found the items or he surrendered the papers for missing items of which he refused to do when he should have for damage reports.

Finally he gets up off his lazy butt and starts to look at boxes complaining that it could be anywhere.  Really?!?  As if I didn't think of that.  Here I am 7 months pregnant and obviously I'm stupid to boot.

He started to get in my face and just wouldn't shut up again. As soon as I turned my back he'd start complaining about me again wanting him to basically do his job.  Yes, after they left we called up Nellie to file a complaint.  But first I'll tell you that Jamal accused me of cursing at him and raising my voice.  I said what cursing?  I didn't even say the word "crap" in his presence.  Then I said you haven't heard me raise my voice yet but if you don't stop talking you will.

Finally I had to scream at him to "Just get out of my HOUSE!  NOW!".  He wasn't looking for anything and he was causing more issues.  I explained to him several times throughout the day that I am a high risk pregnancy.  At one time I started in with contractions he had my blood pressure up so much.  I had to leave and chat with the gals in the neighborhood in order to calm down.

Back to the get out of my house. The nameless co-worker started pushing Jamal verbally and physically to leave the house while all the time Jamal was getting more verbal with me.  As soon as Jamal was out the door J got on the phone to Nellie and I locked the door.  The workers rang the bell but I refused to answer as our peep hole had been painted over and I wasn't sure it was them.  I had told Jamal on the way out the door that he can come back in if he apologizes for his behavior.

After I heard their truck leave I went outside to apologize to the neighbors.  The soldiers were there and wondering if I needed help when they heard me screaming to the workers to get out.  The soldiers also heard Jamal talking smack about me outside to his co workers.  Jamal is not professional.

Two hours later the moving company sent out a different man, a man who knows Jamal and he apologized for him and said he shouldn't have acted the way he did.  We signed the paper for the main inventory and were given the papers for the missing and damaged items along with papers for the damages they did to our housing unit.  The man they sent would have preferred if we had signed off on all the damages last night but when I brought out my camera and started showing him all the photos I took he said he'd leave the paper work with us to write it all down and pick it up in 75 days after he found out I would be doing all the unpacking because of J's long work hours.

This morning I was able to unpack two dish packs of bar ware and have still yet to find the glass shelves for my china hutch.  If they can't be found they'll have to be custom made and it will leave me with dish packs for months to come.  I hope they can be found because I'm now into crunch time and want to get the nursery cleared out of boxes and set up for Baby Hiccup.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

28 Weeks

Finally made it to the third trimester.  If I do my math correctly I am considered to now be in the seventh of the tenth month of pregnancy.  Mind you my mind is total mush now and I often have to search my brain for the word I am looking for during conversation; much like how I was after my last TBI.  I feel like such a dull-witted fool.

Carpal tunnel issues along with the spinal stenosis are getting worse but that is just par for the course.  Thyroid levels are holding the same which means I'll be staying on the 75 mcg dose.  My next OB appointment is this Thursday.  I'll be finding out how much I've gained in the past two weeks.  Can't believe it has been almost two weeks since my last OB appointment here.  Oh and I know I've gained about four pounds in about a week's time because I've been weighing myself and watching my feet swell to the point that they look like puff balls.  Now if only I had some furniture besides the card table and chair set and the blow up bed to put my feet up on during the day.

Tomorrow the household goods shipment will be arriving.  I can only hope for two things:  first that my cat stays in the bathroom and doesn't mind it for the almost six to eight hours that the movers will be here and that very little is going to turn up broken.  I know there will be a few broken things as that happens with every move.

J and I have finished buying all the baby gear.  Truly it did cost us about five thousand dollars to equip this baby and no I didn't end up buying the expensive Origami stroller either.  We decided to go with the Bob revolution SE stroller with the Britax infant car seat.  Seems that it has become a gimmick to ensure that all new parents have to purchase infant car seats if you want to use a stroller during the first six months of your child's life.  So that meant the adapter for the stroller too along with the sun shield, weather shield, bug netting and so on.  Weather here in Georgia is just the whole gamut in just a days time I swear.

We are loving our trial subscription to Amazon Mom and I think I'll continue it.  Nothing better than getting your packages, most of them, delivered within two days.  We purchased a metal shelving unit for the utility room.  At Lewis I had a nice wooden built-in one that I used for pantry and storing my appliances.  Unfortunately the cabinets in my kitchen here, though I have more of them, have fixed shelves.  Rather a pain in the but when I can't even put a bottle of olive oil in the cabinet because it is too tall!  We measured out the space between where the washer will go and the hot water heater sits and we can fit an 18 inch deep by 48 inch wide shelf unit.  This house was built in 1978 and it needs a lot of work.  Really wishing I could tear out a few things and make it more mine but with renting one can't do that.

The bassinet, I bought for $10, is up and sitting in the baby's bedroom.  I'll be putting it later in our bedroom but that will have to be after I dig it out from the mountain of boxes that will be arriving tomorrow.  Anything that was in drawers or trunks they repacked into boxes so I have double the stuff to work through.

Yesterday I scored a Munchkin microwave sterilizer at a yard sale for just a buck.  I also purchased two pieces of outerwear and a newborn onesie for $1.75.  Most everyone with a yard sale was closing up when it started to rain, even those having it in their garage.  That wouldn't happen at Lewis as rain is a given most days.

Sad to say but I still have over sixty more items on my Amazon registry that I'll be needing to purchase.  Mostly just the nipples, bottles, teethers, toys, Christening outfit, books and sundry things.  But still I swear it is like it is a never ending list.  I dreaded spending all that money but knew it had to be and J was good about it, the one person I thought would put a halt to the spending of such a large amount from our savings.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Maybe it is because he likes the idea of getting to assemble all of the equipment?

Yesterday when the infant car seat came in I had him take it out of the box and line it up next to Bugsy's cage.  Before it arrived he swore it wouldn't take up any more space than that large cage though I told him it would.  I don't mind moving my seat up another notch as I had some room between the cage and me during the 3000 mile trip.  So yes he was surprised to see it was an inch or two longer than the cage.  We have a medium sized pet kennel for Bugsy since he is a large cat. 

Speaking of Bugsy, he has lost 2.8 pounds in a little over 6 weeks.  No we haven't had him on a diet but with the move he wasn't eating as much nor getting as many treats.  I would actually say that he is close to no longer being obese with just 2 more pounds to lose.  Still wishing he didn't lose it so quickly.

Finally the bump photos.  Even with the suspected weight gain I am still weighing less than what I did when I found out I was pregnant.

I still have a waist to put my hands on.  Don't mind the roll under the bra line as I've always had that from wearing ill fitting bras.  I can't seem to find one with a band that goes under the boobs to hold me in so I go without the band type bra and just learn to deal with it.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Finally I have an internet connection

Yay!  Now I'll try in earnest to find time to blog. 

Monday the household goods shipment is due to arrive.

Tomorrow about half a dozen packages from Amazon are due to arrive.  I've been busy using the internet at the library to shop for items off my registry.  I still have over 100 items to purchase!

I finally settled on a crib.  I bought one through Stanely Young America.  It is made in the USA of sustainable wood harvested in the USA.  Through Amazon I purchased the mattress made of soy foam, also sustainable and made in the USA.

I did break down and bought an organic cotton bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids.  I couldn't resist the Peter Rabbit design.  I still need to purchase the crib bumper but I'll get that later when I'm sure that I want to use a bumper pad and not a crib liner.  I'm paranoid about suffocation.

I am a bit bloated.  Still at a negative weight gain from the starting weight but I'm sure I'll remedy that before this pregnancy reaches its end point.  I'm definitely showing.  I went to the post office today to pick up a package, it was Bugsy's birthday gift, and I asked the clerk if she could help me.  She says she doesn't deliver babies.  HAHAHA!

I'll be 28 weeks on Sunday.  Third trimester where the heck did you come from?  I swear this move has just ate up an entire month.

More in a few days or when I get the chance if sooner.  Hope to have a new bump photo to post if I can get J to use the camera.

Hope everyone is doing well.