Friday, March 28, 2014

Maniac Movers

Now supposedly the moving company that was hired to move us is quite reputable but I'm having my doubts.  One gal that showed up to pack us up yesterday was rude and inconsiderate about my condition.  She blocked in all power outlets and cut down the walk space through door ways with her box walls.  If I had a big belly at nearly 23 weeks I'd be shit out of luck with trying to get to the kitchen.

Unfortunately they sent the same wench back today.  She is working alone.  I don't like how she labeled the boxes.  I don't like her methods of packing.  I heard her drop a few glass items to the cement floor behind the bar.  I can only imagine how they'll be when they arrive. 

She was rude enough to tell me I shouldn't be sitting at my own dining room  table reading my book I'm trying to finish while she is in the kitchen, open floor concept, packing up my china.  She said I was watching her.  Well I beg to differ and the nearly 200 pages I read yesterday in my book would prove to her I was indeed reading but I have my doubts this creature even ever cracked the spine of a book except to throw it as a weapon.

She propped up a mirror box containing an antique dresser mirror against another box.  It fell over in the middle of the night flat on its face.  So yeah we are going to have some issue when we unpack.  I won't be forgetting her name any time soon as she has the same first name as a relative of mine.  Usually women packers are a bit more careful.

I've had very little sleep in the past five days.  Breathing is getting to be more difficult with the growing uterus.  I now have stretch marks on my upper abdomen where I had none before.  I don't care about the stretch marks but it does show that the uterus is intruding into the lung cavity area making it the reason for my breathlessness.

Two meals of eating take out yesterday and I find that I've gained nearly two pounds of bloat overnight.  It feels like it too.  I really detest being this sodium sensitive.  Yes I still weigh myself daily and am taking my scale on the road with me.  I will be actively trying to find lower sodium food options at fast food restaurants as that is about all we'll be able to afford or have the time to stop at with a cat in the car.  I'd rather not fry Bugsy's brain with having to leave him in the car just because I desire a real sit down meal.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

22 Weeks

I can't believe it is Sunday already.  The time is just flying by as we prepare to move to Georgia.  Church this morning hit a good note with me as the sermon was about something I've been working on in my life...legacy.  No not just having a child but not passing on certain things and learned behaviors from my parents.

No bump photo to show any of you.  Still weighing about the same.  I weigh less today and for the past few days than I did the day I had the embryo transfer.  I doubt the belly button will be popping any time soon.

I did break down and do a little more maternity clothes shopping yesterday.  Since we are moving to a warmer climate I need shorts and a maxi dress.  I went to Kohls only to find out that they don't have maternity clothes in the store, only online.  I went next door to Target and bought a two piece swim suit, two pair of shorts, a maxi dress and a pair of 6 months size jeans for baby girl.

Yesterday I washed all the clothes and packed them in the suitcase.  Tonight J is going to do the pre-pack of the suv to make sure all of what we want to bring with us will fit.  What doesn't fit will have to sorted out by priority and put into the household goods to be packed up.  Movers will be here to pack the house as early as this Thursday.

Next week Monday the movers will be here to pick up the boxes and furniture.  From that day on, 31 March we will be sleeping on an air mattress, a nice air mattress.  We borrowed from a neighbor a card table and folding chairs.  I will be keeping a phone on at the house until the second and turning in the modem and cable box on the 3rd when I have the cleaners show up to clean the inside of the house.  J and I will be cleaning the garage, shed and exterior of the house.

I'll be glad when we hit the road!

The new duty station is still being a bit of a pain in the housing department.  I had to get yet another modification form signed stating that I cannot having carpeting in the house.  I mean sheesh wasn't the first modification form signed by the doctor they needed it spelled out that with asthma I can't have carpeting.  It is the south and I dread to think of the crap caught in the carpet from the previous tenants even if it is steam cleaned.  Roach droppings, assorted bug poop, animal leavings permeating the padding below the carpet, mold from the padding not drying completely and so on can raise havoc with my allergies and asthma.

On another note, I'll be making mac and cheese tonight to last a few days so what with our busy schedule we don't have to think much about cooking.  J is going to help with the prep work as my right shoulder is acting up and grating the cheese is going to be painful.

Well time to figure out what to eat for lunch besides frozen fruit and frozen veggies.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

11 More Days

Just eleven more days left until I am sleeping on the floor.  Well okay not quite the floor as we purchased a queen sized air bed but still it will be just about the same in the end.

Not sure where the past five and a half years have gone but I know it went some place.  Most of it has been with deployments and infertility treatments.  I can blame the five year blur on that bit.

The flower beds are now all empty except for the rhododendron bush that was there when we moved in.  The house is full of boxes to be filled up with the electronics.  I'm starting to take down the curtains and photos from the walls.  My fridge is almost empty too.  Soon I'll be just buying food for each meal.

The next duty station has already offered us housing for the 12th of April.  Big problem there.  We won't be signed in yet.  We have to be signed in to get the housing.  We don't turn over our keys of our house until the 4th of April when we pass, hopefully, final inspection.  I have hired a cleaning crew to help in the cleaning of the house.  She'll do the inside but we have to do the garage, patio, storage and exterior of the house.  The military allows us ten days to get to the new duty station and I'm going to need most of it to travel that three thousand miles.  Before I was pregnant six days was all we needed.  Now we'll be stopping more and J will be doing all the driving.

With any luck we'll have housing shortly after we arrive at the new duty station.  I realize the choices are slim for two bedroom places on post and we'll most likely end up with an apartment down stairs but such is life.  Even rank doesn't get better housing at the new duty station unless you are above Major or above E-7.  A two bedroom at the new duty station is for a couple with one to two children up to the age of 10 even if a different gender and the housing is much smaller than here at JBLM.

I'll just make do.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Computer Issues

Looks like my NVIDIA card is fried in my desktop computer.  Right now I am using my husband's laptop just to post something today to let all of you know about this past weekend.

Baby Hiccup is kicking me a lot while I'm trying to type up this post.

Baby shower went well.  Had some photos to share but they are on my desktop.  I had just save all other photos the day before my anatomy scan to the external drive.  This means I can't share baby shower photos until I replace the video card.  I talked about that with J, since I don't use my desktop for gaming I can just get a cheap replacement video card before we move in two weeks.  But I do worry that with it going into storage for quite a while that the desktop might become further damaged.  Thinking I'll just wait and hook J's laptop up to my work station after I dismantle the tower for packing.

So for the next few weeks posting to my blog will probably be scant as I begin to take things off of the wall and pre pack them before the movers show up.  I will try to post from the road trip East if I have adequate signal.

I might even have a change to post some baby shower photos before long as a friend was taking photos at the party.  I just need to attach my external drive to J's computer and down load them to there. 

That is if I remember.  Ugh, baby brain is getting so bad.  I have to basically chant to myself or even out loud what I need to do later in the day for appointments.  Yesterday I went to almost a panic thinking it was a week later in the month than it is and that I was already running out of time to get inventory done. 

More later when I get used to J's laptop and get some photos to share.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Anatomy Scan Today

Well today was the big day, the day I found out the gender of my baby.

First I'll go over a few things.

We saw all four chambers of the heart.  All looks good.

This baby has huge feet and large hands.  Got to be J's side of the family as my hands are still the same size they were in Kindergarten.  J's twin nieces also have large feet wearing size 10's.

The fibroid on my uterus is no longer 1 mm but now 1CM.

The fluid filled cyst/pocket located behind my left ovary is still there and unchanged.

We are now down to just one gender of names to choose from.

Oh the baby's heart beat was 143 today.

Baby Hiccup was also anterior breech which made getting photos rather interesting.  At one point the first tech had me roll to my left side and brought in the second tech to finish the ultrasound as the first one had a meeting to go to.

The tech did find a Sub Chorionic Hematoma (SCH) on the placenta so they called in the doctor to explain to us what it means.  I told the doctor that I knew it was a bruise and the risks and he was concerned about our drive out to the East coast.  I promised that at the first sign of bleeding we would stop and go to the ER.

Now for the photos:

Left foot with the right one slightly over lapping the left in the ultrasound.
Detest the first photo as it looks like a death mask.  Second photo here is a nice profile shot that I do like.
First and hopefully only centerfold shot of my baby girl.  She had better not even think about posing for one of those magazines!

Second photo is again a nice profile shot.

After the ultrasound we went home, got some breakfast then headed out to do a few things we needed to in town.  We couldn't do them all as J forgot to bring with him a set of his orders.  The post office box rental will have to wait until Monday.  No big deal.

Went to babies r us and updated the registry.  J played with a few more strollers and decided he loves the Bob Jogging stroller.  I think it is the Expedition SE but I could be wrong though it is an SE model.

I did break down and buy the cutest 6 month size dress I could find.  This way she has a dress to wear to church and for the first formal family photos together.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

20 Week OB Appointment

Yes, I realize that I am closer to 21 weeks but I'm okay with just calling it 20 weeks.

Weight:  I'm back to the weight I was the day we transferred the embryos.  Nothing gained, nothing lost.

Baby is growing like a weed.

Fundal height:  I'm measuring about a finger width above the naval as of today.

Fetal heart rate: in the 140's the doctor said as it kept varying

BP:  135/68

Friday I have the anatomy scan where I might find out the gender.

Any guesses on what J and I are having?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Mess

Hopefully I can get all this in chronological order but if I don't oh well.


  • 0802 hrs Bugsys on post vet calls to see how he is doing.  As I cannot get into his mouth, hold him, and flash a light in there myself I tell her that so far so good.  Have to wait until my spouse comes home for lunch to check the cat.
  • 0930 hrs I check in at the Ortho Brace Clinic for my 0945 hrs appointment to be fitted for my maternity belt.  I am not seen until 1045 hrs.  Why so long?  The clinic at the Army hospital is short staffed because four civilians decided to call in for a long weekend.  Ugh!  Most annoying thing of the one hour wait was the fact that a CW4 (chief warrant officer 4) decided to take dirty boots and put them on using the end table where the magazines were which was next to me.  I look at his boot, look at him and say, "I hope you plan on throwing out that magazine when you are finished tying your boots."  He said he would.  Really folks this is a hospital and you don't take your dirty footwear and put them on the furniture!
  • 1100 hrs and J is home early from some clearing to help me check the cat.  Crap I notice that the Bugsy's left cheek is swollen.  Our vet on the military installation has a civilian operating it today and refuses to see sick animals.  Yes that blew my mind.  Wishing the Cpt. was on duty that afternoon.  We were referred off post to a clinic.
  • 1200 hrs arrive at the clinic off post where we were told it shouldn't be too long before Bugsy is seen as they take all emergency pets first.  Okay cool we should be out of there soon.
  • 1900 hrs (7PM) and we are just getting out pet back.  Bugsy got seen at 1830 hrs behind all the other scheduled pet visits.  I'm pissed.  Not only has our cat gone without food and water for a long period of time so have I (I'm pregnant and have sugar issue too) and my husband who is still in his dress uniform from an inspection early that day.  Nothing like not eating until 1930 hrs for the first time all day.  They prescribe Bugsy some antibiotics and pain killers.  They wanted to know if we wanted his nails clipped.  I said we just had his nails clipped on much for them saying they did a thorough exam and charging us for it!
  • I dig up the dahlias and cut down some rosemary to give to a neighbor.
  • J digs up the rest of the garden as we have to remove all bedded plants before moving early next month if we want to pass inspection.  Problem here is that the family member that wanted the majority of the plants had some communication issues with her offspring and they said they couldn't pick it up this weekend but could do it next weekend.  Next weekend is the baby shower that they declined to come to.  That bugs the snot of out of me.  I'd write more about my feelings here but I imagine you can guess how I feel about some of the family right about now.
  • We manage to contact a friend of mine that would love to have the plants and all but a few of them are now gone from the beds.  Four types of plants including one large rosemary bush to go and they'll be cleared out.
  • We head out to the commissary and put in our order for the baby shower cake.  I've printed out four designs that I like and would like aspects of them used in making the cake.  Think Beatrix Potter for a clue.  I'll post photos of the cake next weekend for that round up.
  • I overslept and missed church.  When I woke up I realized I needed to set the clocks ahead an hour.  J made it to church because he got up at 0420 (now 0520 hrs) and stayed up.  I too got up at that time to give kitty his meds and to take mine too.  J returned from church with a gift bag of which inside was a beautiful hand crocheted baby blanket.  I love it.  I know I can make them too but it is so nice when someone else gifts you such a wonderful handmade with love gift.
  • Laundry.  I still think the elves are making extra laundry.  I did four loads on Sunday and will do another two today before the day is over. 
  • Went to the PX then the BX just trying to find the feline pine litter that we use for Bugsy.  Finally got a bag, last bag of it on the shelf at the BX.  Will have to get more soon so we can take it on the road trip.  Ended up spending over $100 at the BX when I found some good deals on the clearance racks.  I needed a new pair of sneakers as one pair just hit the dust bin a week ago.  I also was able to snag some clearance baby stuff...just a pack of hat and booties and a nursing cover but hey only paying $1.50 for the booty hat pack and $4.88 for the nursing cover is an excellent deal in my book!
  • Poor Bugsy is getting sick from the antibiotics.  Two episodes of diarrhea and the kitty is so tired out.  
  • Bugsy has an appointment for a vet check up today at the on post clinic.  Hopefully all things will go well enough.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Technically 20 Weeks

Today the baby decided to create a bump.  Well it looks like a bump to me since I'm wearing a non maternity long sweater over non maternity leggings.   Oh and the baby sits mostly on the right hip of which was being the forefront of the photo so again it looks like I do indeed have a bump.

I still think my butt is bigger than my bump but soon the belly will catch up I hope.  I bet as soon as I put non-clingy clothes on the bump won't be able to be seen again.  For now I'll enjoy my bump.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Little Bit at a Time

Now that we have our orders to move we are going through the check lists and getting as much done as possible.

Many things are different with this move from our last military move almost six years ago.

  • We now don't deal with hard copy of orders but just a number for the order and have to print out copies from there for the place that won't just take an order number.
  • The post movers JPPSO (or something with that kind of acronym) are now just emailing and not present in person.  We again have to hurry up and wait and be at their beck and call.
  • This military move is our entire household goods together.  Last move was done partially from Korea and partially from NY as Korea was an unaccompanied tour of duty.
  • We have a pet this time around which means health certificate, kennel in car, litter box, toys and less room for J's stuff.  No room for all his ammunition this trip he has to give it away.
  • I'm pregnant which is entire kettle of fish of its own to deal with.
So for the past few days I've been inventorying out stuff.  I have the movies, music cds and some seriel numbers written down along with the book inventory started.  I'll need to update the photos of possessions and inventory my jewelry which won't be going into the main goods shipping but will be part of the DITY move.

Today J and I brought Bugsy in to the vet clinic to get his teeth cleaned, nails clipped and to schedule a health check up to get a certificate for the next duty station.  Next appointment is scheduled for Bugsy for the 26th of March.  Bad news though, the vet called me.  Bugsy's teeth cleaning went well but he has a hole in a tooth with a root lesion.  Though it is small now it will get bigger and painful.  We opted to have it pulled today while he was still under anesthetic.  At least I know with the next appointment they can check his teeth to make sure it is healing well.  I just feel so bad for the kitty.  

Now I'm just sitting here waiting for two phone calls.  One to pick Bugsy up and the other for a quote on the cleaning team I'd like to hire to clean my house for inspection.  I would clean it myself but with the chemicals needed to give it thorough cleaning I just can't while pregnant.  Bleach aggravates my asthma.

Well that bites, cleaning company just called and they don't have a house cleaner on staff any longer.  Ugh.  On to the next name on the list.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Reaching 1000

Hard to believe for me at least that this is post number one thousand, but it is indeed that many already in the few years I have been blogging.

This will be a post about the weekend and nothing really of importance happened over the weekend.

  • Stopped at the mall and got my rings inspected.  Was fed up with my wedding rings being too tight, and they can't be sized, so I purchased a new wedding ring that can be sized up as my hands swell more.  My hands have been swelling really bad even though I have been losing weight.  New ring will be ready on the 18th.  Took only 15 minutes to get the band and the inspections done.
  • Went to Babies R Us so that J could monkey with all the baby gear and add things to the registry.  Spent 3.5 hours wandering around the store.  J has decided he prefers the 4Moms line of baby gear and all of it has been added to our two registries.  Where ever less expensive the gear went on the registry.  
  • Went to Olive Garden for an impromptu date night dinner.  Haven't had a date night in months.  Waited 45 minutes before being seated.  Still can't eat much as my stomach has been that weakened from the Noro Virus.
  • Bugsy woke me up earlier than I wanted to be up.  I like to sleep in on Sunday mornings.
  • Went to church and received communion.  
  • Promptly got sick when I got home.  
Wondering when I'll be recovered from this super bug?  Have any of you had it yet?  If so how long did it take for you to fully recover?

Next weekend J and I are headed to Nordstoms where they have the 4Moms Origami Stroller in store.  It seems to be the only place in town where we could try it out before we buy it.  Watch the video and you'll understand why we want this stroller.  With all my medical conditions it would be so much easier to not have to bend and fold and unfold something like this.  We'll also be purchasing the bassinet that can be attached to the stroller too.  I know it is expensive but my husband just loves their gear and with all that we paid out in infertility expenses out-of-pocket the stroller and other gear purchase is just really nothing!