Sunday, September 3, 2017

18 days and COUNTING

Other than the car falling apart slowly I think the rest is coming together quite nicely which scares the crap out of me.

So I'm thinking that something is going to go wrong.  I mean this is the military and there is Murphy's Law.

We booked the hotel in Hawaii.
We booked the plane tickets and upgraded out-of-pocket to first class....I mean why not?

We still need to book a rental car until our suv arrives.

The packing and moving crew arrives on the 21st and I'll be moving the unessential personnel to the hotel that day here on post.  Example: me, the cat and Eily.  This way we are out of the way and can go swimming with less stress.  Let Daddy handle the packers for a change.

I've taken a photo inventory of all of the items in the house to update what we had before.  But I'll take a few more photos again soon.

I've purchased a few Tuff Boxes for the more important odd sized items that we want to pack ourselves.

Fingers crossed all will go well.

Yes Bugsy is booked for the vet and the plane ride.  He is going with us to Hawai'i.