Monday, July 30, 2012

Tater Tale

My garden is producing  food finally.  I planted two purple and one Yukon gold potato early this spring.  Last night I saw a few potatoes popping above ground and just had to snatch them up.  This is what they look like washed.  Hey, its a start.

So I had to tattle on a neighbor today.  I didn't want to but I had no choice.  Seems as though my neighbor left his housing with no one in it for two months now.  We aren't supposed to leave it vacant for more than two weeks without giving notice.  The weeds in the front of the house and the back yard are enormous!  We mow our own backyards here and weed our own flower beds.  Newspapers, and flyers decorate his flower beds and door step.

There are rules in place for a reason.  He could have informed housing even from the road if he had to leave in a hurry.  He could have asked someone to house-sitt.  He did neither.  No one has entered or exited his house in two months or quite possibly longer.

I'm afraid it could be a fire hazard to the neighborhood if there is a power outage, which does happen often enough around here, caused by it coming back on and causing a short.  I'm afraid of food contamination of epic portions if he left crap lying about in his house.  Hell, the sneakers have been left on the patio for two months...they left in a hurry.  Something just isn't right.  For all I know the owners of the sneakers could be dead imagination here.

But I called the housing office.  They said it was the right thing to do.  We get notices in our flyers all the time to report suspicious activity, empty housing, and other possible offenses.  I stay to myself as much as possible since I don't like drama.  I have enough drama with my infertility.  And now of course I feel bad for calling it in.  But I did what I had to do.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Infertility Beads

During my researching today I found a few things that I thought I would share with my infertile friends.

First off is the website listed in the photo.

Second is this site:

And last is the one with the beads.  which of course is just a subset of the second one and probably also quite closely related to the first as well.

Just some neat things to spread the word.  Wearables.  I have a bracelet of which, since January, my spouse and I have been adding beads from all over to.  Now that I know there is some representation for what I've gone through I'll be sure to add a few more.

By no means is this a plug for any of these weblinks.  I know I can find the beads for way less online or even in the local bead store I go to here.  But I just thought it would be nice to share the symbolism behind the beads with all of you. 

I shared the weblinks with my spouse and he was happy to see that there was meaning behind particular beads, and said he was more likely to get me those because of what we have gone through together.  Hopefully soon I'll be adding one for a frozen embryo transfer through the donor egg program.  Fingers crossed that it will happen early next year if not sooner.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

More About The RE Visit Yesterday

After I got home from the RE appointment yesterday I had some cake and got sick.  I think perhaps I had a bit too much sugar as I was the only one that got sick.  Oh and I stayed sick all day and night.  I didn't go out for dinner.  Today's plans for the Highland Games were cancelled. But that is okay because my bestie and her family, and my cousins had to cancel too.  No fun going with just my spouse as for clan gatherings we like to huddle together under the tent marked with our clan name.

Back to the rest of the RE update.  First off I forgot to mark the weight loss on the blog yesterday.  I've lost 6 pounds since my last weigh in on the 17th.  Nothing to sneeze at since it was only 10 days I lost that in.  I'm far from starving myself.  I am confusing the hell out of my stomach by varying the caloric intake vastly every three days and its actually working.  For about three days I take in about 2500-3000 calories then drop back to 1200-1500 calories for three days.  I lose weight with either amount of calories I take in and have proven it to be so already.  Maybe I found something that will finally work for me?

After the post yesterday the blood work results were in.  My Estridol level was about 150 if I recall clearly.  I forgot to write it down.  But still its down considerably since the first measurement on the 17th.  The HCG beta, of course, was negative.  I started the Provera right away.  I'm now on day 2 of that drug.

The uterine lining was 2 mm less than the 17th.  Funny, but I didn't bleed.  The RE said it can vary daily without a bleed.  I didn't know that particular bit of information.  It is now measuring 10 mm.

Lt.Col. B. was informed, by me, that my TENS Unit died.  I think its the battery.  My work comp insurance supplied it to me for an injury sustained at work in NY back in 2006.  Now that I'm out-of-state no one wants to deal with NY state work comp insurance claims here in WA.  I guess they want their money right off and NY likes lots of red tape.  So the likelihood of me getting a new battery or the machine fixed through work comp without having seen a doctor for the injuries, other than an Army doctors of which refuse to testify or supply medical records for work comp cases though they will treat me for the problem, is close to zero.  However, the TENS Unit is for pain control and often used for those that suffer from adenomyosis and endometriosis besides the other reasons why its prescribed for like torn muscles.  With all that said, Lt.Col. B. is putting in a referral for me to the Pain Management Clinic here at Madigan.  YAY!  I might just finally get some help.  My PCM is an idiot, good bedside manner, but alas an idiot that refuses to refer me to anyone other than the initial appointment to GI but that was already in the computer from years ago, before he was my PCM, so he had to let me get re-referred to them.

Okay enough blathering.  To cut to the chase, I'm going to get my pain taken care of at last!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Next week Friday I should be able to call for an appointment with the Pain Management Clinic.  It still might take a while to get the appointment but I'll be on the list to be seen.  Its a start.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Big Reveal

Its no joke.  I've been waiting a long time for another one, a year to be exact.  I really needed this too; especially today.

Let me start off by the visit to the RE today.  Lt.Col. B. has some mixed news for me today.  He is excited about J and I wanting to pursue donor eggs but understands that we will only do so if he is able to re-enlist.  If he can't re-enlist then there will be no children for us.  Sorry but we can't afford to fork over almost 20k and have no income.  We need to have our nest egg if he gets out.

So yes, I still have a cyst.  It did shrink a little.  I've been trying to follow a good diet and maybe its helping to reduce some of estrogen in my body because it shrank to 5 x 5 cm...maybe its not a cyst but a wooden building block?  I guess I'll forgo getting a puppy since the tennis ball is deflating.

The nice doctor is however worried.  I shouldn't have the cyst.  It seems that the next step in the process, if I don't respond to the chemical treatment, is going to be surgery to remove my ovaries.  Well and good if I weren't still wanting to have children!  Lt.Col. B did agree that we might still have a slim chance with the Femera but its doubtful considering how my ovaries are now performing.

Now I'm waiting to hear back from the RE office as to the blood results on the HCG beta and Estridol.  If the first is negative I'll be starting the Provera today.

Fun side note:  Provera has another brand name called AMEN.  I kid you not.  I think perhaps a female waiting and waiting, its CD 92 for me today, for her AF to start might have had a say in naming that particular brand name.

Without further to-do here is the big reveal.....

From Harry Potter...the Monster Book of Monsters cake!  Now I just need to decide where to put the candle.  Just one this year.  Its a special wish too.  Last year I picked out a design for a Tardis Cake this year I searched long and hard to decide what I wanted my cake to look like finally deciding on one I saw on a search engine query.  I love Harry Potter and I love Doctor Who.  Now time for cake.

Last year's cake.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Soup From Scratch

Last night I started to gather up all the ingredients I needed to make a batch of Chinese Sweet Corn Soup only to find out that I was missing one ingredient; creamed corn.  Oh joy!  I had on had a package of frozen corn.

Being resourceful I found a recipe to make my own creamed corn.  I have to say it got the approval from my spouse in the taste department and I had to surrender the last of the pot and scrapings for his own cleaning with fingers and spoon.  I have to admit I've never tasted such good creamed corn before.

The recipe calls for chicken stock, creamed corn, crab, organic free range egg whites, white wine, corn starch, salt, pepper, sugar and rice.  Well the rice doesn't go into the soup but the soup does get poured over the rice.  Today I'll make the main body of the soup up including the stock as I had only 4 of the 6 cups of it on hand.  Chicken stock is relatively easy to make but can be quite time consuming.  Thankfully I can cut back on the hard labour with my rice cooker.  I detest having to watch the rice pot to prevent it from bubbling over.

Oh last night I splurged with a day away from the MREs.  I had three slices of pizza and lost 1.2 pounds overnight.  I guess I need to shake up my diet more often.  I've heard of muscle confusion so I'll call it stomach confusion.

If any one wants the recipe let me know.  It can easily be modified for those following the Endo Diet.

P.S. Tomorrow is my special day.  Tomorrow I get my cake too!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


J had his 1 week follow up today and the doctor had only good things to say about his recovery.  I did the best I could by him but we all know that he likes to be babied, he is a man after all.  (yes I realize that not all men are like that but the majority of the ones I've know are indeed wanting extra special treatment for every cold, boo-boo, or chore)

J was worried, didn't listen to me telling him that he is quite normal, and feared the worst because his incision sites still hurt.  Yes, that is okay too.  Now that the pretty female doctor told him he can now lift 25 pounds but still not push or pull things for another two weeks he is set.  This means he can help me out around here but no vacuuming as of yet.  I'll do it slowly maybe a room each day.

J stressed out yesterday, acted like a jerk too, in anticipation of his appointment today.  If only he had listened to me.  Really I swear that we never listen to those close to us.  Maybe I should have had my friend S talk to him as she went through surgery in January.   His behaviour really is quite typical considering he has been blessed with good health for many years so that he doesn't quite know what to expect and the fear the unknown eats at him as it can with anyone.

Today I got copies of my surgical report from the records room.  I found out a few things when reading it through today.  First they have me listed as hispanic.  Okay that is new to me. I know I'm a mutt but as far as I've been told I have no Spanish or Hispanic blood in me....maybe a drop of Portuguese because of the black Irish but not Hispanic.  Second, I have a fibroid on my uterus.  I think the doctors neglected to tell me this tidbit.  Because its less than 1cm as of June 6th they didn't remove it.  From notes: Small (less than 1 cm) subserosal fibroid on the anterior wall of the uterus not excised.  Last I found out through the notes that I had three surgeons working on me.  Dr. P., Dr. B. and Lt.Col. B scrubbed in as well.  Nice to know I was in such good hands.

Oh heck I'll just share their findings with you all. 

Operative findings:  Normal uterus/cervix.  Left adnexa notable for approximate 7 cm cyst.  Cyst wall interrupted upon initial manipulation, and clear fluid evacuated with suction and irrigation.  Cyst wall removed.  Small left ovarian endometrioma also noted.  Adhesions noted between the left ovary to the left sidewall and pericolic adipose as well as in the posterior cul-de-sac.  Implants of endometriosis on the right uterosacral ligament and bladder were present.  Small (less than 1 cm) subserosal fibroid on the anterior wall of the uterus not excised.

Oh and further on they in the description of how they did stuff I find that they used Endoshears to remove a section of the peritoneum for biopsy.  All is good there no cancer.  YAY!

Some how included in the surgical report was a copy of my appointment last week with the RE.  I don't mind having it as now I know the full dimensions of the cyst on my right ovary.    My newest play toy is 6.32 cm x 5.07 cm with an EMS of 12mm ( I believe they are talking about the endometrial stripe there but I could be wrong though it was the same number they gave me when I asked about the lining thickness at the appointment)

So with my smallish sized tennis ball perhaps I should get a puppy and we could play fetch.  When the dog loses the tennis ball I could, or though it seems, provide an endless supply of them since I'm so good at growing them even without the use of hormones!  HaHa!

In two day or so I'll blog with photos, I hope, of the birthday cake I had made by the commissary bakery.  I just didn't feel up to making a cake this year for myself.  My endo diet book arrived yesterday,  thanks mom for the birthday gift, and I'll be starting up the real diet when the cake is gone from the house. 

Two days til the next RE appointment.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Little Bit Too Much Pain

The pain is radiating down my right thigh today.  I hate having ovarian cysts.  Unfortunately I am unable at this time to hit my supply of percocet and take care of my spouse.  Mind you he was told to not be a burden to me but guess what?...yup he is.  I realize he had surgery last week but seriously I could do for myself by this many days from surgery.  Heck the first day I was taking care of myself including fetching my own meals.  J is wearing me out and I just let into him about it.  His weight lifting limit is 20 pounds while mine is only 10 pounds so why is he making me break my back?  Why?  Well because I'm letting it happen.  How can I be so stupid!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sorting The MREs

Well its that time of year again.  Seems like in July-Sept. area each year I have to go through the left over parts of the MREs.  Its rather fun to sort them as I like to be organized.

First I check out the back of the SUV.  I'm always finding left over pieces of MREs in the vehicle.

Next I check J's bags for full meals and more left over parts.  Never know what you are going to find that has expired or has been punctured.  Just found a powdered drink beverage with a hole in it.  Not a tear where he tried to open it but a puncture where it was leaking powder all over.

Finally I check his in-house storage areas.

When I've think I've found all the parts and full kits I always find he has some other squirrel's nest of food. 

Today I pulled three empty boxes out of the garage and started to sort out the parts.  J likes to keep the accessory packs and I totally get that because hey you never know when you'll not have toilet paper out in the field or matches.  Into one box goes the accessory parts and spoons.  Second box is the drink pouches.  Third box holds the sauce, cheese spread, jams, crackers, and snack pouches.  The heaters and drink bag sleeves go into a zip lock bag.

Oh I did find one cool thing out about MRE's.  I lose weight when I eat them.  Mind you after my birthday next week, and all the cake is eaten, I plan on going back on the Endo diet.  Since I got lazy, nursing J can be a full time job and who has time to cook for oneself when the opportunity for a shower is there (new mom's will understand this concept), I grab an MRE and eat off of it for the day.  So far 3 pounds off in 3 days.  YAY!  I'm sure its some sort of fluke because I know quite well that the MREs are full of sodium and high calories.  But I'll enjoy the weight loss now.

J is recovering nicely.  His pain level has dropped enough now that he isn't using his percocet.  Tough Love was what his surgeon ordered and its what he is getting too.  I'll help him out but we know that I have enough medical issues to deal with on my own including the 6 cm ovarian cyst to add to the pain.  J is up and taking care of himself more each day so I'm now finding time to post a blog post while he is actually awake.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Surgery and the RE

Well I think I'll start off with J and his surgery.  It went well.  It was severely delayed.  I'm guessing that there were emergency surgeries that cropped up.  J was supposed to go into the OR at 1200 hrs but finally went in at 2035 hrs.  Out of recovery and home at 0330 hrs.  Yup you saw that right.  I've yet to go to bed.  I'm doing laundry.  J is in pain. 

I explained to him that his surgery was uncomplicated and rather simple in comparison to mine so just imagine how much pain I was in then if you think you are in a lot of pain right now.  He had two male attendants to dress him, no one dressed me last I had to do it all by myself.  I made sure to ask for help for J and I got what I needed for him tonight.  I made sure he was well drugged and I fetched juice and water for him close to 20 times.  He was really dehydrated from not eating or drinking for over 24 hours.  But at least he is home now.  His doctor said I'm to give him tough love and not baby him when he gets home.  Fine by me. But I will for the first 48 hours dish out his meds to him and help him as needed with his walking.  Right now he is using one of my canes to help him ambulate.

J apologized to me just before surgery.  He said things will change.  After surgery he again apologized and said that the old life is over he is done with it.  I can only hope that this will work out for him.

For about two weeks I've been complaining about pelvic pain here on my blog rather off and on.  At home I have told J that it hurts.  He has been dwelling upon his own surgery of which I can understand.  However, this past weekend when he made a comment to me of: "well obviously it doesn't hurt that much since you aren't doubled up in pain like you were before", I got my feelings hurt.  So with that said I went to the RE appointment today at 0900 hrs.  Yes, I've literally spent all day inside of Madigan hospital.

So Dr.B (major not LT.Col one) tells me before the exam that the pain that I might be feeling might not be OB/GYN related.  He said it could be the back pain flaring up or the bowels could be irritated.  He said that I should make an appointment with my PCM.  He insisted that it was highly unlikely that it could be anything relating to his specialty because he did the surgery and cleared it all out.

Well guess what?  Not long after he measured my uterine lining at 12mm he saw within seconds the cyst.  You heard me right.  I have a 6 CM CYST on my right ovary.  Dr.B. was aghast.  He checked around to make sure there weren't any other cysts.  He asked to make sure that I haven't been on any hormones of which I haven't then we talked.  I have a follow up appointment on Friday next week.  I'm wondering because of the pain if the endometriosis might already be growing back.

Oh and we did bloodwork.
E2 is 193
Progesterone is 0.37

I hate to say it but...I WAS RIGHT!  Eat that idiots.  When are folks, including doctors going to start believing me?  Dr.B. turned to J and thanked him for taking me in today.  J said it was all mine and Nurse M's doings.  Of which it was.

So yes, even though Dr.B. didn't tell me the same spiel we know it by now (take it easy we don't want ovarian torsion) and he offered up pain killers immediately.  I said No thanks because I still have a full bottle of percocet at home and the tramadol too.  I'm good. I only use acetaminophen for most every pain anyway.

Well its time to help J off to the bathroom again.  More in a day or so.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Finding Support At Home

J and I had a long talk over the weekend.  He hasn't been all that supportive.  He didn't help out much during my convalescent time after surgery.  The problem has gotten out of hand. 

Ever since he got home from Iraq he has had expectations.  He expects family to do his bidding.  Time for a reality check.

I did buy him a lap tray yesterday.  Its only for the first 2 days after his surgery.  He didn't wait on me and I got up and around quicker, healed quicker  too because I didn't sit/lay there and do all that self pity.  J likes that pity party.  He was practically told by family to get over it yesterday.  Its just a routine surgery after all.

I'm in pain and there is no way in heck I can do everything for him.  I'll do my best to help him but I'm not able to lift furniture or haul in to the bedroom a tv set just so he can lay there all day.  No one did that for me and I didn't expect any one to do that either.  Okay so he hasn't asked for that but he would if he could. 

All I got was one day use of his laptop before he got miffed and took it away.  If I wanted access to tv or internet I had to get up and go to another room.  NO ONE waited on me.  I had tv dinners that I cooked.  If I needed medicine I had to get up and get it myself and the water to wash it down.  You'll recall I also walked home from the surgery same day, didn't have to and I didn't fully explain why but after reading this you'll probably get an inkling as to why.

Okay so yes I did glossy coat J being kind to me while I was hurting.  He isn't the type to go out of his way to help me out but he didn't exactly get in my way either.  He didn't take time off from work to help me except for the 24 hours that were ordered to him to take off.  No I won't treat him the same way he treated me. I will help him to the best of my ability.  He wasn't mean to me but he wasn't a helpful hannah either.

He has had way too much coddling since birth.  Time to grow up a bit.  I'll make sure that he has food, water, warmth, me to be there if something should go wrong and I'll make sure he follows the doctor's orders too.  But I'm not making expectations like he had of me.  I had my surgery on a Wednesday and by Friday I was doing the laundry again.  I won't be asking him to do the same you can bet.  However he will have to haul his butt up and move around as I don't want him getting stiff muscles.  The surgery is extraperitineal which means they aren't going as deep into the pelvic area like they did for mine and he should recover quicker.

Fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow.  I'm going to stand firm.  He has to be a man about this.  He has to remember that I love the man not the child as babies aren't allowed to marry.  He finally admits to being a mama's boy.

Tough love time.  Its the only way he is going to get over this and get better.  It might kill me to not baby him too.  Since I don't have a child or pet all that love longing has to go somewhere and showering it on him is just making it worse.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

CD 80

No one cares!

Get over it!

Oh boo hoo!

Want some cheese to go with that whine?

No that isn't what I've been told but its what I do feel about the whole long cycle.

Yesterday I was at the Glad To Be Alive party that my husband's cousins throw each year.  As each year passes more of us join the ranks of near death, omg surgery episodes, battles with cancer, and life long illness.  But I think that can be said for most families when one stops to think about it.

I think I ate too much salty food yesterday at the party because I got on the scale this morning and found out I gained 3.4 pounds.  Yeah that much.  I bloat easily.  Fun part is going to be explaining to the nurse at the RE office on Tuesday when she weighs me in.  I just had a conversation with her on Friday, when she called to thank me for the cookies, about my well being.  I bragged about my weight loss.  I guess I spoke too soon.

I'm still getting sharp pelvic pain late in the day.  Yesterday the pain stopped me mid conversation and I felt the blood drain out of my face.  So I know something isn't right in China (Army Wives reference to season 1 I think when the wives were discussing sex and their lady bits names).  Maybe another cyst is preventing my flow?  CD 80 is just crazy.

J is driving me batty today.  His surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.  So since I'd like to keep my sanity for a while longer I asked him if he want to go to the shotgun range today with his friend J.  He left just minutes ago.  Ah...peace and quiet at last.  I might not have to divorce him after all.  Seriously he is grating on my nerves.  He is acting like the only man to ever have to go through a surgical procedure.  I realize that he has never had surgery before and he is nervous.  Of course you folks know that I understand his nervousness quite well since I just had surgery last month.  But I didn't try to drive him batty.  Right now I wish we lived near his mom so that she could either baby him to his approval or tell him to suck it up.  My mom would just tell me to suck up the pain and I usually do which gets me into more trouble than not with my medical issues.

So Tuesday is the day I'll find out more of what is going on in the life of me, a simple Army wife for the RE appointment and J's outlook for a recovery.  Well okay with any luck I'll find out more if I ask the right questions and bug the medical professionals for the answers.  But if you would, keep my husband in your thoughts and prayers for a good surgical outcome.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Stupidity Knows No Bounds

I'm stating again that I do love being an Army Wife.  I love what our military does to ensure that my freedoms are protected.  However, there are some things that they try to do that verges on the line of ultimate stupidity.

Case in point:  Trying to med board a soldier without proper documentation to back up said med boarding. 

Many of you may recall that my husband has been on profile, but only for almost three months.  In order to med board a soldier they have to be on continuous profile for 12 months.  So stated and noted.  That being stated in a meeting today, my spouse was a bit miffed after that meeting, he went over to the hospital to get documented proof that he was only on profile for a short period of time.  However, his doctor was on vacation.  Luckily my spouse is smart enough to keep copies of all his documents at my request.

All I can say is SGM and SSG you can suck it if you intend to try to send my soldier to the med board.  We have documented proof that he has only been on profile for one period of time and it does not come any where close to the 12 month mark!

It is because of deep budget cuts to the military that our NCOs are trying to kick out valuable assets like my highly trained soldier.  They have denied him the board for promotion, told him to wait until it was too late to apply for OCS, and given him extra duty upon extra duty to make up time lost from other soldiers being out for injuries and vacations.  My soldier hasn't taken a vacation day since January when he took two days of his own vacation time to make sure my IVF transfer went well.

He is scheduled for surgery early next week.  The SGM and SSG have done everything within their power to violate his lifting profile by basically forcing him, upon penalty if he doesn't follow the order, to do what they say.  Mind you its Rear D folks not a war zone.

Oh and I have to add this is the same SGM and SSG that didn't want to allow my spouse the time off required for my after surgery care of the alloted 24 hours as per the Lt.Col and Maj. giving those direct orders to my spouse.  Someone has a god complex.

If this continues I'm going to urge my spouse to go to IG; especially if they try to bar him from re-enlistment.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Car Decals

I have a little love hate relationship with those family car decals.  I despise them.  But then I secretly long to have one too.  I just don't want the ordinary boring ones that most of us see.  I want something more along the lines of this:
or maybe like this:
 Either of these designs can be purchased at
Or maybe this one which isn't at the above link

Why be normal?  So far my life has been far from normal.  I'm not even close to being the stereotypical Army Wife.

So there I admitted it, I secretly long for those one of those family decals to be on my SUV but I want an uber cool one.  Wonder if I can get a Doctor Who one?  The Doctor Who would be more appropriate since there are times that I never know where my spouse is nor when (time and date) he'll be back again. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grumble, Grumble, Sigh

So its been one of those days.

Last night I finished a wonderful book.  The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman.  If you've ever had a stillborn or miscarriage you'll really understand how the female main character Isabel feels.  I laughed and I cried and cried some more at the ending.

Grumble, grumble, sigh.

What I wrote I deleted.  I'm just not going to go into the marriage issues right now and not here.

 I just don't get it.

I'd like to know why?  I have a good guess.  I've talked it through with him and it comes close.  That's all I'm going to say.

On the diet front: another 0.2 lbs off.  Hey its something.  I still have those late night ovarian cyst like pains.  Last night I was sitting on the floor piecing together a puzzle when the pain on the left side became intense followed by the right side competing causing me to cry out.  Quick as I could I got off the floor and grabbed my right side, holding in tight I made it to recliner to wimper until the pain passed.  Still no sign of AF.  CD 76.  If it doesn't start by next week Wednesday I'm to call my RE office and make an appointment.  Probably end up with chemical induction of a cycle start.  At this point I don't care.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holding On

CD 75.  Yup still going.

Since the first of July I've lost 3.4 pounds.  Not too bad I think.  Its coming off and I hope it stays off this time.  I have 13 pounds to go and I'll be my pre-IVF #2 weight.  Most of the weight gain was from inactivity and the clomid rather than the IVF though I did gain a few pounds from that too.

Right now I'm trying to hold onto my sanity as I plough through a new diet routine.  This whole endo diet is really going to test my will power.  I love to bake but going without chocolate is going to kill me.  Luckily I can still have unsweetened cocoa; I think.  I'm going to ease into it.  Last night I did have a small bag of M&M's.  Hey I deserved it and I still lost .8 pound overnight.  Yeah, yeah I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself daily but I do to make sure I'm not bloating from too much sodium intake.  High blood pressure fun times.

Here is the link to the diet I'm trying to follow:

Here is what I'm not allowed to eat:
  • wheat - this includes breads, cakes and pasta products, all based on wheat - contains phytic acid which can aggravate symptoms of endometriosis. Also contains gluten which women with endometriosis seem to be sensitive to.
  • red meats - promotes negative prostaglandins which cause inflammation and can also contain growth hormones
  • refined and concentrated carbohydrates - white bread, flour, cakes, pasta etc. made from refined flours. Most of the nutritional value has been removed
  • refined sugars and honey - causes inflammatory reaction
  • caffeine - found in tea, coffee, soft drinks -increases abdominal cramps and caffeine increases estrogen levels
  • chocolate - as it contains sugar which is inflammatory
  • dairy produce - including milk, cheese, butter, cream - causes inflammatory reaction as they increase the inflammatory prostaglandins

  • eggs - advised to leave out eggs unless you get organic as they can contain the chemical residue of dioxin. Can also cause digestive problems for some like IBS, and may increase constipation problems (they are used as a binder in cooking!)
  • fried foods - can stimulate negative prostaglandins
  • saturated fats and oils – Foods that are high in fatty acids stimulate the negative inflammatory prostaglandins. Fatty acids are found in saturated fats, butter, margarine, lard.
  • soy products and soy protein products - (check link below to read an in-depth explanation why soy should be left out of your diet)- tamari can be used in small amounts
  • convenience foods - they contain a host of additives, cheap ingredients and have very little nutritional value
  • tinned foods - use sparingly. Certain exceptions are fine like tinned tomatoes, coconut milk and those foods that are part of ingredients when cooking a nutritious meal
  • additives and preservatives - increase chemical load on the system
  • alcohol - consumes vitamin B which is stored in the liver. Good liver function is vital as the liver will help to eliminate excess estrogen from the body.
* An article on Endometriosis pain and the wheat connection can be read here

* A comprehensive explanation why you need to exclude most soy foods from your diet

* Cacium intake - Find out what you can eat to maintain your calcium levels while on the endometriosis diet

* Protein intake - if you are concerned you may not obtain sufficient protein on the endometriosis diet see the list of protein alternatives to meat

* Find out why it is advisable to leave honey out of the diet for endometriosis

It might sound as if I have nothing left to eat but I do.  I love eating nuts, fruits and veggies.  I can consume Non GMO poultry and seafood. 

My mother is going to purchase for me the recipe book, for my upcoming birthday this month, from this website so that I have some recipes to follow instead of hunting down on line possible meals plan recipes.  Not that I mind researching as I'm a self-admitted research junkie but sometimes its just nice to unplug and unwind with a book in hand.

Now if anyone has any recipes that they would like to share with me I'd be glad to have them.  Please email me at the addy in my blog profile.  Thanks.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nothing New

Still no AF.  CD OMG! 74!  When the hell is AF going to show up?  If its not here by the 20th I have to call my RE and schedule an appointment to find out what is going on inside of me.

I was so hoping to be on the letrozole by now.  Well nothing to do but wait.

In the meantime J has his surgical consult today.  Hopefully he'll soon be on the roster for his hernia operation.  Because its not emergency surgery like my issue was its been put off several times by the doctors though they keep stating that it needs to get done soon.  His doctor is about to go TDY again.  Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll do it tomorrow?

I purchased, through groupon, a getaway this morning.  Just one night but it is to a place that last time we went was socked in with fog.  Not sure when we are going to use it but hopefully soon.

Oh just a note, I'm going gluten free again.  Found the Endometriosis diet online and I'm getting the cookbook as a gift soon.  My mom agreed to buy it for me for my birthday which is later this month.  Over the weekend I purchased: flaxseed meal, almond meal, tapioca flour, amaranth flour, brown rice flour, white rice flour, arrowroot flour and whole millet to go with the AP gluten free flour and quinoa I had on hand already.  I also picked up three mixes: cinnamon raisin bread, vanilla cake mix, and shortbread cookie mix.  All were gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and hopefully not flavor-free.  Since my commissary doesn't make gluten free birthday cakes I'm going to save the vanilla cake mix for my birthday.

Believe it or not after following the endometriosis diet for just one day I managed to lose 1.6 pounds.  But okay I cheated yesterday and had the rare can of soda pop and gained back .2 pounds.  Happens every time I crack one open.  I guess eating gluten free, soy free, low-salt, caffeine free, alcohol free, actually going to help.  I can hope right? 

Has anyone else out there tried the endometriosis diet?  Has it help you at all?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Range Day

 J and J at the range shooting today.  Because I got my girly day J got his manly day of shooting.  Fair is fair.

I did shoot the 35 too.  I didn't do too bad considering I haven't shot that particular rifle in about 5 years.

My two shots are the ones out side and to the left of the middle bottom.  Rings 7 and 8.  The rest are J's shooting.  My fibro was flaring and it hurt to shoot today.  So I decided to just take photos.

Had to zoom in for this shot of J and J putting new targets up.

J getting one of the rifles ready for firing.  I think we brought with us just five rifles today.  I decided to leave my 22 in the SUV.  We used J's 22, 30-30, 35, AK, and AR.  J made the choice of pistol, rifle or shotgun range today and you can see where we ended up.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Time Off

Me and my bestie walking down to the beach hand in hand.  Over the week I got the chance to get away for  a little bit.  J, S and her two kids with me ran away from home yesterday.  Back late last night of course because responsibilities are always there.

S is trying to find some "me" time away from being both parents while her husband is deployed.

S taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.  Always a fun shot.

Funny how I forgot how nice it is just to be free for a day.  Still in pain but I got out and got some sun.  Too much sun as now I'm burned.

I took this photo walking back up from the beach.

Sometimes its just nice to not think about being infertile for a few hours.  It nice to just not worry about being broken.

Well that's it for this blog post.  Maybe I'll post tomorrow if I can find some energy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!  I hope we all take a few minutes to remember those that gave their all so that we could celebrate our freedom today!

Celebrate responsibly.
Don't drink and drive.  Don't handle fireworks while under the influence. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Garden Changes

In June the poppies were in bloom in the garden at the back of my house.  Lovely though they were they didn't last but a few weeks.

I trimmed them back to the fluffy fern leaves when the blooms died off.  I did save the seed pods to some day try my hand at making more plants maybe at the next duty station.

Now that its July another flower has decided to blossom in the garden bed out back.
The delphiniums are now in bloom.  They smell as wonderful as the poppy plants once did while they were in bloom.

The potato plant should bloom by the end of the month if all went well.  I planted three store bought potatoes in three beds.  So far so good.  I can't wait for my own potatoes especially the purple ones.

Though its hard to see, the salmon snapdragons are still blooming and the dahlias have started to bloom too.  I'm still waiting for the hollyhock to send up its blossoms but with all this grey I'm having my doubts.

Off to the far right you can see my hanging tomato plant; I started from seed.  I also have the marigolds in a basket that I started from seed.