Infertility Journey

Currently a 44 yro female patient with:

  •  Stage III Endometriosis
  •  6 failed IUIs
  •  2 failed IVFs
  • 1 miscarriage to clomid
  • 1 natural miscarriage
  • prone to ovarian cysts
  • PCOS with primary infertility
  • 5 miscarriage total with 6 lost babies
  •  20 May 2013.
  • Less than 1 on the Beta.  Failed DE IVF
  • Moving on to another DE IVF cycle with an additional donor embryo adoption set for October 2013.  We are so excited!
  • Second DE IVF and donor embryo IVF succeeded.  Now we have no clue which embryo took but we don't care either!
  • Baby Girl born 8 July 2014 and it turns out she is from the donor egg not the donor embryo.   Interesting.
  • 9 July 2014 hysterectomy performed due to postpartum hemorrhage and retained placenta with a possible second lobe.
  • 27 January 2015 Salpingo-oophrectomy  with removal of the remains of the uterus and the cervix.


  1. Sending prayers that you are able to overcome all of this xox

  2. I'm stopping by from ICLW. I wanted to say that after reading through your blog, it seems as though you must be a resilient woman with remarkable strength. My best to you in your journey.


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