Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Island Life is good.  No complaints right now.  Husband is home for now.  The three of us just enjoy a nice meatloaf together.  Our dd does not like the "traditional" turkey dinner.

Speaking of E.  She can write her full first name.  She can read words like Oktoberfest and Mango.  Daddy is teaching her phonics.  Something of which I was never taught in school.

She is enjoying pre-K.  We did have a problem with bullying earlier this month.  We had to have one of her classmates removed from her class.  The boy kept hitting her in the face for no reason.  Three times in one month was overboard considering only one report was filed by the school.  Total neglect on their part.  We went to her school and by the second visit we climb their chain of command and had him removed from her environment.  The very first incident our daughter neglected to tell us about who hit her until the second occurrence.  Mind you I was livid that the school only saw one of these.  Three adults for 10 students?  Come on now.  What were they hiding?

Mother-in-law is coming for Christmas followed shortly thereafter by her friend for a long visit.  I'm looking forward to this visit.  I just hope that my husband can stand his month and that I don't have to stick my nose in again like I did last year.  Sure any parent that visits can drive their adult children nuts after a while but I hate being the bad guy.  He really needs to stand up for himself.  One of my friends caught him last year and he admitted to her that he was making me the bad guy in the situation with his mother.  I really hate.  I'm already sure she sees me as pushy enough but ugh really just tell her that you need a line and like duh I'm sure she is waiting to hear that her little boy has grown up!  What the heck is he afraid of?

My uncle is in the hospital with a broken hip.  Poor guy fell and broke it while trying to fill gas tanks of his snow blower and lawn mower before the snow hit.  Hopefully he'll be back home again soon.  Maybe before Christmas.

I guess I'll close this post for now.  I'm laundry load number two of six.  It might be a holiday but the laundry doesn't know that.  It still needs to be done.

Sending Warm Thoughts and Rainbows from Oahu.

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