Friday, June 26, 2015

As Fifty-One Weeks Draws To A Close

I have one smart cookie.

Her word list includes:
I found it (playing find Bugsy)
Bad Daddy
I like this (shopping)
I want this (shopping)
I pooped
How are you
Hi Dada
I dropped it
Big step (J always tells her to take a big step to get over the baby gate)
Happy Birthday----My mother heard her say this one over the phone.  Eily likes to watch Chica announce the birthdays on Sprout every day.

The above photo I entitled "the Force is strong with this Youngling"

I'm really biased as to her looks but then again I think most parents should be or else they'd probably just off their kids when they are being bratty.  Of which Eily isn't being bratty as of yet since she hasn't hit her twos.

I think she is just adorable.

As you can see from the background we are still doing cloth diapers.  She has lots of books.  She loves to tear into the books read the books.  I usually read her a story or two a day while she sits quietly crawls over mama using my braid as a teether or knocks down the blocks I'm building for her as I read the story.  I wish I could bottle some of her energy and store for her middle age.  I love my baby girl.  I love playing with her.  I love being a mama.  I don't mind the dirty diapers, the spit up, the midnight teething.  I'm just happy that I can give Eily a better childhood than I had.  Every one remarks on how she is such a happy baby.

I took this final photo just now of Eily .  I wonder what she is thinking?  I wonder what her future holds?
xc---Eily just typed that little bit.  Yes I allow her to use the computer already too.


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