Wednesday, September 9, 2015

14 Months

Little E turned 14 months old yesterday.

Our lives are increasing with more activities every day.  E loves to pull the books off of her shelves, my shelves and J's shelves.  She chews on them.  Of course this leads me to talk about the two molars that are making an appearance on the bottoms.  There I mentioned them.

Her hair is getting darker.  It is now more of a reddish brown and more curly.

She can now dunk her cookies in milk.

She is now drinking milk.

She has moved fully onto tableware to include her metal fork and spoon, plate and bowl however, she still eats with her fingers too.

Her favorite sentence is still, "I did it".  But she does say  other sentences such as: "how are you?", "I want that." and "are you okay?".

Her newest word twisted my head around as it was a Saturday morning.  She said appropriately enough to me, "SATURDAY!".  So cute.

We are working on her Spanish and her numbers still.  I sometimes will slip in some French and German when I'm not really thinking about it with my replies to her.  I just get so tired and words just ramble out of my mouth.

We did start potty training.  I purchased a bi-lingual potty training book, English/Spanish.  I don't know Spanish all that well but J is fluent.  We do sit her on the potty about once a day and we don't force it as of yet.

E's taste buds are quite developed I think.  She loves my cooking.  I made a Shepard's pie the other night using lamb and beef with carrots, peas, red skin potatoes, gravy and various herbs and spices and she loved it.  How many kids at this age love Lamb?  I made a casserole with Chorizo in two weeks ago and also a week before that and both weeks she ate it.  When I cook it is like she can never get enough of my cooking.  She eats all the food off of her plate and starts eating off of her dad's plate next!  Oh and she loves the left overs too.  She also loved the cranberry meatballs I made a few weeks ago.  Tomorrow night I'm going to make Swedish meatballs using ground turkey.  The only dish my daughter has yet to like is the Sauerbraten.  It was a little to sour for her taste buds.

As for me....
I had the experimental lidocaine injection done to my lumbar facets.  I felt relief for about 6 hours.  I think that it was a success.  I'll know more in two weeks what the doctor thinks about the procedure and what he saw in the xrays.  Fingers crossed that I'll be a good candidate for the root nerve burn out.  I'd like to have 6-12 months free of lower back pain.  I'll still have to deal with the pain in my body but less pain is better in my book.  Less pain means I'll be able to function better and do more with my daughter too!

Oh and for fun I'm working on removing peeling paint in the house since BBB reality won't get a move on to it do the repairs here.  I'll paint it when I'm done as paint won't stick to peeling paint.

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  1. I love the stage where the start talking more, really communicating!


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