Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Out of Time

Writing while E is down for a nap.  So I'm writing while the time is running out.

She turned 19 months old on the 8th.  She is into everything as per usual.  She now likes to stand on a step stool to brush and floss her own teeth at the sink.  She feeds herself at meals with the utensils.  She knows how to use a handkerchief but isn't so good at the blowing part as of yet.  I know there are a few new things but I'm forgetting them at present.

My vitamin D2 was low.  20 was the count.  So I'm back on the prescription formula.

I fell on a date with my DH the other night.  None of the wait staff gave a good shit.  They saw it.  I didn't think about making a report and they didn't offer to make one either.

Two days later my knees continued to swell up and my hip was getting worse.  I went to the ER's Fast track.  Turns out I have contusions on my knees, I knew that, and a hip strain.  Since I'm now on Hysingla ER (the root nerve burn out only lasted 4 months) I probably shouldn't be feeling as much pain as I do but I am.  I've only been on the Hysingla ER about a week.  Hurts to walk, sit, stand, lie down, squat, and I'm certainly not going to kneel right now.

BUT I am doing housework.  WHY?  Well, because DH is out in the field.  Someone has to take care of E and the house and Bugsy.

Well time is up.  E is fussing in her crib.  Better post this while I still can.

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