Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yardsaling; Yes it can be a verb

Today J and I went yardsaling.  For the past three Saturdays armed with a list of places that are having yard sales we got to know our installation.

I'm not sure why we haven't explored JBLM more than we have until now.  But I have to say it is fun.

Today we purchased:

  • several dvds
  • weed trimmer
  • puzzles (when J is out in the field I love putting together puzzles)
  • computer game
  • nerf gun (this baby is huge)
  • colored stones that now reside in a crystal dish on my coffee table
  • antique bottle for salad dressing (lead free I'm hoping)
  • boot dryer
I almost bought another digital camera but the usb cord was missing.  Total we spent about $42.00.  Considering we bought roughly 20 dvd, 4 puzzles and all the other stuff that total isn't too bad in my opinion.

Do you hunt for bargains at yard sales?  If so what do you usually look for?


  1. That's awesome, we haven't been to any yardsales here yet hopefully soon!

  2. Great finds! I think $42 is awesome for the amount of stuff you got :)

    I don't usually go to yard sales because we don't get up early enough... and I'm lazy. I wish we did, because you can find some awesome stuff! I think our last find was a slide for V, but my mom picks him up stuff a lot.

    I saw a stationary bike at one yesterday and I'm still kicking myself that we didn't stop to check it out. Bah!

  3. I love love love doing puzzles. We went to a huge flea market today that they have every Sunday. We bought two antique cast iron iron's that we plan on using as door stoppers. I yardsaleing.

  4. I love yardsaling! More often than not I don't buy anything special. I wait for something to speak to me. Sometimes it does but the current owner won't budge on price. Ienjoythe experience of yard sales more than anything. Once we get a BFP I know I'll be looking for bargains.

  5. WOW, you scored! My hubby and I love yard sales. He is always looking for things to resell--video games, DVDs, phones, etc. I'm usually being selfish and looking for things for me LOL.

  6. My family is HUGE on yardsales! I got a brand new sewing machine for 20 usd this year!! Plus TONS of other things


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