Monday, May 23, 2016

4 Days Post-OP

Thursday I had my gallbladder removed.  I'd say I feel better but right now that would be a lie.  I do look better.  My skin is no longer a sickly yellow that it has been for almost a year.  I'm now in the bloom of pink to my cheeks once more.

Due to my adhesions the surgeon couldn't do the normal four-five cuts on the right side.  He had to do one cut under my xiphoid process, another  two off to the left, 1 just above my naval.  Two look to be infected already but it is hard to tell under the layers of glue.

The strapping pain from the gas is the killer.  My shoulders hurt so bad.  I gained roughly 8 pounds from the gas and fluids of surgery and have 3 more to shed.  I had been losing weight before the surgery and eating healthy.  I was already down to a size 14 and working towards a size 12.  Right now the only thing comfortable is sweat pants.

We aren't going to Korea as a family.  Do to the mess with the N.K leader the area I would have gone to is now not allowing family members.  For now E is enjoying her time with daddy.

Ugh I need to go lie down again.  My arms are killing me.


  1. Hello broken-down gall bladder sister! I had mine out a week ago today, the normal 4 incision laparoscopic version of the surgery. As terrible as I felt the first 2-3 days after surgery, I still felt better than I did during an attack. I'm back to eating a normal diet but my abdomen is still really sore and bloated. The pain I can deal with, the bloat/swelling is making me crazy.

    I'm sorry that your husband is going to be posted away from you. Little E is going to miss her daddy something fierce :-(

    1. Well I've gotten all of the bloat weight off as of yesterday. Just wishing the muscle spasms and gas pain would go away.

  2. Sending you lots of good thoughts for a quick recovery!


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