Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Life at the New Post

I'm going to do this update as briefly as possible since it has been a few months.

  • We moved in July to the Mid-West to a new duty station.
  • Eily turned 2 in July
  • DH is now in school at the new duty station with us
  • Obviously we didn't go to Korea
  • I'm making jewelry and will attempt to post photos
  • Eily speaks in complete sentences now
  • Eily can do some addition
  • Eily can read a few words
  • Eily can spell a few words
  • Eily loves to swim and is a great jumper too
  • Eily has her bottom 2 yr old molars in but not yet her top ones
  • She is almost potty trained and she gave up the potty chair in preference for the toilet with a reducer ring.
  • She is 36 inches tall and about 30 lbs
  • She brushes her own teeth, can dress herself, and is doing good on learning to wash up too.
  • She can use fork, knife and spoon and eat off of a plate with ease.  Well not so much the knife we are still working on the pressure to cut with that a bit.
  • Eily helped me assembly and build the new bed frame when the moving company broke my old one.  She is pretty good with an Allen Wrench.
Now for photos:

blue topaz 8 inch bracelet
Eily age 25 mos

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  1. she's so big! and adorable! and smart!! adding, reading and spelling?? =)


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