Thursday, May 25, 2017

Coming Down on Orders

It is that time again.  We are going to be moving. 

I know it feels like we just moved last year.  Um, we did.  We DID!

DH is about to graduate near the top of his class.

We no longer have to worry about this job being Class VII ultra sneaky sensitive ninja secret either.

That is a big relief.

The cat is now on his 120 day in house quarantine.  He had his FAVN test and we are waiting on those results.  Rabies shot was given last week.

Now it is all paperwork and more paperwork, and pictures and paperwork.

We are off to Paradise.

Yes we are going to do a PCS to Hawaii.

Three years in the beautiful Sandwich Islands.

I'll have my own car.  E will be in pre school. 

I'll have a liver transplant hospital on the Island too if I need it.



  1. I am so so happy for you guys!!! It sounds like everything is falling into place.

    1. thanks Jen. When E is in pre school I'm hoping I'll have a little more time to pursue a career, maybe, just maybe?

  2. Best of Luck! Hawaii is a beautiful place and I hope to move there one day. If you have time (hahahaha, I know) give the Lucky We Live Hawaii podcast a listen. They have a ton of information and tips on moving to and living in Hawaii. They do cuss a quite a bit so maybe don't listen when E is around!

    1. Hopefully I'll remember to listen in when I get settle in there. Thank you for the information.

  3. Its very hard if will keep on moving from one place to another, hopefully one day will move to one place and settle there.

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