Saturday, November 2, 2013

Neurological Consult

Yesterday I went to the ENT at Madigan where I had my examination for my Meniere's Disease and thyroid cyst check up.  Yes, I have cysts on my thyroid.  I've had them for years.  Again they were felt easily upon examination but the doctors, both of them, decided to wait for two more years to do that particular ultrasound.  Budget cuts are killing my medical coverage.

Dr. Bevins decided that I needed to get an MRI and go to see the neurologist to address the dizzy spells and the weakness in my upper limbs (mind you I was told I needed to see neurology 5 years ago when I first arrived here but they denied me for the consult).  Tuesday I'll be calling Tricare to set up an appointment.  With any luck I'll get to be seen on the installation and not have to find a ride to a clinic off post.  We live behind the hospital here because we wanted to live near where I'd be getting my medical care.  Little did we know that five years after moving in to our home on post I'd be farmed out for most of my care.


  1. Good luck - I hope you get your appt and all is well!

  2. Hope they can get you in where it's convenient and nothing too serious is going on.

  3. Fingers crossed that you get to be seen on post!

  4. Sorry this is late. I hope an appointment is able to get set up for you when you call today and close to base!


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