Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Update

So what do I do during my two week wait?  I strive to find new ways to occupy my mind so I don't worry about the Beta which is on Wednesday.

Saturday I stayed away from the internet except to check my fb on my tablet from the comfort of my recliner.  J and I walked around a car museum for the better part of the morning and afternoon.  Roughly 2000 cars to look at of which I couldn't make it through them all.  The cramping and fatigue became bad enough I had to seek out a bench to sit upon in the last warehouse.  No big deal as J continued to take photos and enjoyed himself while I rested up.

Sunday was Church and grocery shopping.  Well okay we did finish up our Christmas shopping for Bugsy but make sure you don't tell him.  I still have to get something for J and he for me.  I still need to get boxes to ship out the gifts to family as well as the promised photographs take of J while he was at WLC this past summer season.

By the end of the weekend my feet were sore and I was tired.  I ended up with some tan/brown spotting last night but it didn't concern me too much.  What concerned me was the viciousness of the cramping as if my period was due to start soon of which of course it is if this cycle is a bust.  I don't want to think about failure.

I don't want to think about being pregnant until I've passed both betas, the first ultrasound and maybe well really thanks Schrodinger I'm feeling like that cat in the box.

Here are a few photos of the car museum.


  1. I love the shoe car...too funny!

  2. Hoping those are all really good signs of good news coming!

  3. Hoping you get good news Wednesday. I'm glad you've had some good distractions! The high heel car... wow. LOL

  4. Not to give false hope, but cramping can be a good sign. I definitely had quite a bit with both of my pregnancies (the one that stuck and the one that didn't). It stinks that there are more clear cut differences between the signs for a good thing and a bad thing.

    I have my fingers crossed this cramping is just the start of a long a healthy pregnancy for you!

  5. LOVE the shoe car! And I agree with Stasy, cramping can be good! Fxed!


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