Thursday, October 16, 2014

First Word

Little E, with witnesses present, said her first word last night.  J and I were amazed.  Later she repeated herself on the phone with my mom.

Her first is "Hi".

Tuesday night she sat up, unsupported except for the back of the recliner, by herself.  No she didn't pull herself to a seated position but in a few months I'm sure she'll be trying to do just that.  We keep our furniture covered with washable towels for a good reason of late.

Oh and she had another growth spurt.  She weighs 14.6 pounds and is now 24 inches in length.  I'll find out her professionally documented stats the end of month at her 4 month Ped's appointment.

She still isn't rolling over.  I thought for sure with her ability to roll to her side at less than a month she'd be rolling over by now.  Thankfully it isn't something I need to worry much about until she hits 8 months.  If she hasn't done it by then I'll worry.

She stands supported, locks her little legs then decides to stamps her feet as if preparing to walk.  Now that is something to worry about!  I don't have baby gates as of yet and I haven't finished baby  proofing my domicile either.

While seated she loves to kick her heels up and slap her thighs.  From what I read about that it is a sign that she'll be crawling soon.  I'd be happy to just see her roll over.

As for me,  well I'm still alive.  I'll be seeing the neurologist and my PCM tomorrow.  Finally I'll know if my spine is worse.  I'm praying it is better but I know the odds of that aren't good.  Hey I can hope; my thyroid cysts are gone so yes I'll keep some bit of hope.

J is doing well.  He still falls asleep while feeding Little E.  That pisses me off.  What if she falls out of his arms again?  She survived the first fall because there were, thankfully, pillows on the floor.  So yeah I have some trust issues with him holding her.  We aren't talking about late night sleep deprived feedings.  He falls asleep during mid day too.  I've seen him fall asleep while holding her and rocking her while he is standing.  What the heck?  Is my baby a sominex pill for him?

Oh and we might be moving if I can get my PCM to fill out the paperwork to amend my housing request.  Yes, this means I would have to shell out the funds to move our household goods to the next house but if it means a better place then where were are right now and it is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved I'll be set.  The apartment I live in right now is deadly.  No Hepa filter, transition strips (I trip easily), and spongy walls (prior flooding in our apt) that probably have black mold in them.  We were told if we qualify that we'll be getting one of the newer places that is either a 3 or 4 bedroom.  I said we don't qualify as we have only one child.  They said that number children doesn't matter in this circumstance.  Well if they hadn't of screwed up before, we had that paperwork all signed and stamped before we left the last duty station, we would have had that housing right off.  Sometimes these civilian contractors really piss me off with how they "misplace" requests.


  1. Enjoy reading your posts and seeing the photos of Little E. She really seems to like the camera. "Hi" as a first word is cute. Nice that your mom got to hear it over the phone. :)

    Hope that you received good news about your spine. Also hope you will be able to move to new/better housing. How long will that take?

    Looking forward to your next update.

  2. She is such a cutie! Fingers crossed the housing situation is work out soon.

  3. She is adorable and "hi" is a much better first word than "yuck." (Thank you, husband for teaching that one to the kiddo.)


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