Thursday, October 30, 2014

Say It Again

I've talked to my landlord already about the mold issue.  I know I've made mention somewhere on cyber space about how my neighbors let me know that the prior tenants let our apartment flood.  So when we moved in the moldy smell coming from the laundry room that we mentioned to our landlord shouldn't have been brushed off.

Just this week the paint began to peel off the door frame going into our laundry room  What should I find underneath?
Now tell me again I don't have a mold issue in my house?

Yeah right.  Now that I have a free moment I'll be calling the manager and notifying her that I have mold issues and that I have evidence.


  1. Gross! I hope they do something about it and fast.

  2. Wow! You definitely need to move!

  3. Ugh! They better fix that fast! How they can allow people to live in this kind of danger?


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