Saturday, January 24, 2015

Final Weekend Binge

***Warning what I'm going to discuss will be disgusting at the end****  (Pun intended)

I'd like to say I'm giving up junk food for Lent but it isn't February yet.

I'd like to say I'm headed on to a new fad diet.

I'd like to say that I'm going to eat healthier.

No none of that.

Monday I get to drink at NOON the first bottle of Magnesium Citrate.  If that makes me poop clear...oh dear GOD clear, then I don't have to drink the next bottle two hours later.

Pooping clear.  That is going to hurt.

Yes I would know.  I've had a colonoscopy before.  But this isn't for one of those.  I only wish it were because I would be able to get up from a nice twilight sleep with very little cramping and be on my way.

No on Monday I'll be going through major surgery with organ removal.  They want my colon and small intestines cleared out in case, while removing the endometriosis and adhesions, they nic it they don't infect the pelvic cavity with the contents of the bowels.

I have images of the robotic arm going crazy and slicing me up like a bad 80's science fiction movie.  Oh I realize the chances of that are slim to none but still I have a very active imagination.  With that active imagination I have been having troubles sleeping even with the 10 mg of melatonin taken each night.

Again I just stated my case to my spouse that I'll need him home after lunch on Monday to watch Little E while I go "shit my brains out".  There is no way with my spastic colon I'll be doing otherwise.  If he can't be home that afternoon before the surgery I don't know what I'll do honestly.  I'd hate to just put her in the playpen and let her scream while I attend to my business in the bathroom which will be frequent trips.  Even with being on an all liquid diet for 24 hours I remember well that I was still passing mucus the next morning and it hurt.


  1. Just now seeing this. I hope everything went according to plan today and you're recovering well.

  2. Hey lady, I nominated you for the Liebster award! Check it out:


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