Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Growing Pains of Teething

Little E still has no teeth but she does have plenty of crying, pain and drool.  I'm hoping that soon a pearly white will rear its head so that her pain lessens.  It has gotten to the point, at the beginning of each feeding,  she pushes away the spoon or bottle unless she can chew on them only.

She is getting so big.  No longer are folks telling me what a small baby she is.  They are often mistaking her for being a one year old.

She is taken steps when I hold her hands.

She loves to dance when I hold her hands and music is playing.  Just yesterday she was dancing to The Count as he was counting to nine with the beat of the music.  So cute!

She loves to shop.  Yesterday I took her shopping for a few fill-in items (socks and a sun hat) and some bigger sizes for her closet.  Of course, like most babies her age, she is attracted to the bright colors.  When I placed neon pink pants on the counter to purchase my husband commented on how bright they were and I explained that she liked them.  Yes, I give her some choices in colors and patterns.

Her fairy godmother, my long time friend from NY and maid of honour, sent a care package addressed to my daughter.  In it was more clothing.  N loves to shop which is good since I don't care for it much.  When N comes for a visit we'll go shopping with E and I'm sure those two will have fun.  I have no problem paying for E's clothing I just detest shopping with those bright lights boring into my eyes causing a headache and the pushy people.

I saw the pain doctor in Savannah yesterday.  I want to get better and I will have to start with drugs first.  If the drugs don't help they'll move me on to the next step.  I really don't like taking drugs.  For now I'm to start topamax back up.  I used to take it for my migraines but it is also used for fibromyalgia treatment Dr.K. told me.    Dr.K. doesn't like the idea of me putting off the carpal tunnel surgery for a few years.  I want to wait until E is bigger; maybe school age.

I'll be using tramadol for the pain in my various spinal areas.  I asked to not be put on a narcotic.  I'll be using lidoderm patches as well.  I was hoping for a new TENS unit but I guess that is in the far future.  My old unit died.

The oophrectomy is set for the 28th of January.  I'm not looking forward to the surgery but I am looking forward to the relief it is supposed to give me.  I'm hoping that Dr.R. will be able to remove all of the visible endometriosis and adhesions too.  The pain has been getting worse.  Also the idea of losing my ovaries and possibly not being able to tolerate hormone therapy is not so pleasing.  I have never done well with the hormone therapy even in the IVF and DEIVF.

Here is a photo of my little ballerina who did an accidental split this morning:


  1. She is getting so big! Just as cute as always. :)

  2. Aww! She is adorable! My little one went from being tiny for her age to huge! I wish they would stay little forever.

  3. She's adorable! I love shopping but the malls are in jacksonville, fl which is about 45 minutes away from kings bay so i buy Caydens clothes online. checkout http://www.Childrensplace.com
    Also, we use a amber teething necklace. He just turned one on the 10th and we have never had problems with him teething. He doesn't cry at all. He starts drooling more and that's how we know he has some new teeth coming in. lol


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