Sunday, January 4, 2015

time for another Why I'm Grateful post

Recently a reader said I wasn't being grateful for my daughter with the post about me being in tears.

I didn't complain about my daughter.  I complained about my brother.  I complained about my health.  I complained about having to try to fit court dates into an already busy schedule.

So now I'll list what I am grateful for.  Oh and if you were one of those secretly saying that I'm whining ....go stick it.

Why I'm Grateful:

  1. I got to make peace with my father before he died.
  2. I had a baby last year of whom I cannot dote on enough, praise enough, and tell the world enough about.  However, I won't brag about her here daily as I don't want to be one of those women that was infertile and has her baby and forgets the struggle of all the rest of those out there still wanting a baby.
  3. I lived after giving birth.  It was a close call.  If it hadn't of been for my husband yelling for the doctors and their quick action to resuscitate me I wouldn't be here today.
  4. I have a wonderful husband.  Yes, he gets on my nerves before he has a mission but I've noticed that most soldiers start acting differently before they have to go away too.  It is just part of being a military family.
  5. I have a great cat.  He is the best cat around.  Truly a Nanny Cat.
  6. I have my friends.  My true friends that are there for me when I need them.  I include my husband in this because he is there for me when I have the nightmares and sleep walking and PTSD issues.
  7. I have my family.  No I'm not including my mom, brother or in-laws.  As my husband said to me this past Christmas, "my family is in this room" with his meaning me, E, and Bugsy.  I have to agree we are a family and a damn nice one too.
  8. I have love.
  9. I don't want for much because I keep my needs and wants simple.  I'm grateful for that because I've been able to save up enough to pay for the out of pocket expenses with savings and not credit (except to earn the cash back and pay if off immediately) every time I did an infertility treatment.  Learning to live with less has really changed me and I'm grateful for that experience.
  10. I have the love of my God.  God has been fair with me and shown me my path.  Enough said.


  1. I love this post, wishing you an amazing 2015!!

  2. The fact you made a whole post for me makes me so happy! (((:
    On your next 'I'm Grateful' post try to complain a little less though, I think that would be way more effective than the "I'm grateful, BUUUUUT..." thing you've got going.

    People like to surround themselves with positive and happy people.

    Just sayin'

    You're welcome, again.

  3. WOW, I'm so sorry. It is so unfortunate to feel like you need to censor yourself here. This is your space and you have the right to say whatever you want. I have been a reader for quite a long time and I have never felt like you were whining or complaining or being ungrateful, quite the contrary. I've always felt like the joy and relief you have for finally having your daughter was quite palpable in your posts. Try not to let people like that get to you too have nothing to prove!

  4. How could anyone think you weren't grateful for your daughter? You have had a lot of crap handed to you, but your love and gratitude to have your daughter shine through every time you mention her, even when you are addressing all the other crap.


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