Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Verdict

Well I don't have to go to court this coming month.  I thought I'd have to take that trek up to my mom's house and stay over then drive back the next day.  I thought I'd have to stare at my brother or the back of his head in the court room.  Nope.

I finally heard back from the district attorney's office today.  I called a week ago.  I waited patiently when they said they'd call me back immediately.

They called me yesterday and left me a message while I was at a doctor appointment.  I called back today.  I had to leave a message.  I stated I had to know today because I wouldn't be home tomorrow due to back surgery.

The Verdict...


Are you kidding me?

Seems as though my sibling passed the mental evaluation.  Cased is dismissed.  He won't have to do community service.  He won't have to apologize to me or Mom.  He won't have to pay for my hospital bills as far as I know or pay for the cabinet he broke.  So I'll be stuck paying for the almost 2k bill.  Nice huh?   

I asked if he will be allowed to get a gun permit.  The ADA said yes.  Great.  So that means he could get one and hunt me down.  Why not, I mean I live on an open installation.  I humiliated him.  He would want vengeance.

Since he is not nuts that means he tried to kill me while being totally sound of mind.  Wouldn't you think that would warrant a bit of some kind of penalty?????

I asked the ADA.  All I got was a snotty answer from her of "what do you want us to do?". 

I'm more scared now then I was before.  Sure there is still a no contact order in place by the court for life.  He isn't allowed near me or to contact me in any shape, matter or form.  Mom has had it with him too and his nonsense.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely ridiculous! I'm so sorry!

  2. Oh my. I am so sorry. This is the worst news someone abused could receive. I hope he truly stays far away.

  3. Oh my. I'm so sorry. No one should ever be in fear of the lives. I hope he stays away.


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