Monday, October 26, 2015

The Little Things Make Me Smile

Eily seems to now have a favorite book.  Shake It Up Baby by Karen Katz is her go to book when she wants lap time with Mama.  As of today she can: touch her nose, rub her tummy, hit a drum, shake a different rattle than the one in the book and so on all upon prompt from readings in the book.  I'm so very proud of her.

New things she has said or says a lot more often:

Daddy Leaving
Kray (she is trying to say crayon and points to them)
Nana and Banana which refer to her lovey toy of which she named banana

She loves to dance to country and 80's music which is done daily.

Legos...she plays with those daily and is building upwards quite well now.  She had some issues before with getting the pressure to make them stick well.  These aren't the mega blox.

One of her new favorite food is fish; she likes fish sticks but real fish is better.  She loved the fish that Daddy ordered at Red Lobster the other night.  She turned up her nose at the chicken breast we ordered for her.  She doesn't like shellfish.  Well it took me years to acquire that taste too.

As for eating with utensils.  She can make short work of applesauce with two num num dippers, one for each hand.  With a metal fork or a spoon she can dig into most anything that is cut down to size as well.  It doesn't mean it will all stay on her plate; we are working on that.  But yes we do feed her off of dinner ware now and not just the tray.  She does drink from a cup, sometimes with a straw and we do hold the cup since if we didn't we'd all wear the contents.

She still gets 3-4 bottles of formula a day.  6 oz each.  It is to make sure she gets her proper nutrition especially on the days she wants to be a picky eater.  After each bottle she gets water.  Before bed she will get her teeth flossed and brushed.

She has 13 teeth right now and is still in the process of cutting the last three canines.  They are being really rough with just points up.  Today she has a low grade fever of 100.1 so Tylenol was given to help with pain and fever.

Eily early this morning.   I'm trying to tame her locks with a barrette.


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