Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I celebrate my 45th year of life.

I'm bloated and didn't make it to my first goal weight of 199 lbs but I'm okay with that.  I know I'm sodium sensitive and have been for many years.  I actually cannot wait until the OB clears me next month to exercise.  I miss being in control of my own body, not that I ever actually had much control with the infertility treatments but I did try to control what I could with the diet and exercise.

Little E is still fussing often.  I just changed her diaper and she fell back to sleep for about five minutes.  It isn't time for a feeding.  She doesn't have a fever.  I guess she just wants to be held.  J just picked her up and she stopped fussing.  I bet putting her down again will keep her quiet for all of about five minutes again.  It is okay.  We are going to the Peds on Tuesday.  Okay one minute.  I just heard her cry.  LOL.

I'm chuckling because my mom did wish a baby like me upon me.  My mom nicknamed me "blatting Sam".  Not sure why sam but that is okay I guess.

I'm getting cake and pizza tonight.  J ordered a cake for me from the commissary.  I said "nothing special" for the design this year.  Last year it was the TARDIS cake, the year before the Monster Book of Monsters and the year before that was another Tardis cake.  My brain is practically mush and I can't think straight being in zombie Mum mode.

The hysterectomy incision is painful, I don't have a fever.  My ribs hurt and I still am getting wicked headaches.  I took a percocet last night and it didn't touch the pain.  As a matter of fact it made it so I couldn't sleep which was for the best since Little E had us up for about 7 hours straight with her fussing.  I'm hoping she gets back to a more normal for her sleep schedule soon.  I can't imagine her not sleeping well is doing her much good.

I'm up and expressing milk earlier in the day now but as of last night am still only doing it about 4 times a day.  Today since I was up earlier I hope to get in 5 sessions.  I'm not sure where the days are going but I know they are going somewhere along with the cans of formula.

Last year on my birthday I wished for something special for my husband and I.  Now that it has passed I can share what I wished for.  I wished that the donor egg/donor embryo cycle would be a success and that I would get a take home baby.  This year I'm not sure what I'm going to wish for on the birthday candle.  Mind you when I wish I word it carefully.  My wishes always come true but not always how I'd like them to come true if I'm not careful enough with the wording.  Call it superstition.


  1. So glad to hear you got your birthday wish! Enjoy every moment of your little fussy sweetheart!

  2. Happy Birthday, Rebecca! Enjoy your pizza and cake with J and little E. Hope she settles down to better sleep, it does take a few weeks for them to figure out night/day.

  3. Happy Birthday! Turns out you're the winner of my four leaf clover giveaway so visit my blog again, please, for details on how to claim.

    Well done on the weight loss by the way, something I've been thinking about a LOT lately.

  4. Wish for a year of good health and positive growth for all members of your family. Hard to go wrong with that!


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