Saturday, November 1, 2014

Breaking Down

Folks I'll try to not make this post into a rant.

We tried to get leave to see my parents every weekend now for the past month.  Every time it got denied.  Sometimes it was for a good reason.  But we too had our reasons.  J stated this past time that my dad is not in good health.  Again this weekend's mileage pass got shot down.  He wasn't even asking for an additional day; just a mileage pass.

The Army requires all of its personnel to submit mileage passes for any movement over 250 miles from your present duty station.  We had planned on traveling 325 miles.

Last night my dad was rushed to the hospital in via ambulance.  He took a fall with his oxygen tank because he was so weak from pneumonia.  I was wondering why my parents land line went to answering machine after just two rings last night.  Now I know.

Dad is in the ICU.  It doesn't look good.  I'm surprised with how many times he's been hospitalized in the past that he has made it this far.  One heart valve doesn't work, kidneys at 40%, oxygen full time and the other health issues.  How can he hold on?  I want him to see his granddaughter.  He wants to meet her too.

We've been in contact with the hospital.  We are trying to get a Red Cross Message from the hospital to my husband's unit so that we can travel to my parents.  I'm not asking J to take leave for long, just long enough to drop me Little E  and Bugsy off at my parents' house and take a break for sleep.  He can head back the next day so that he can get ready for this next deployment.

One vehicle household so yeah I need him to drop me off at home.  The nearest train station to my parents' home is 150 from them.  That won't work.  Flying with a baby and a cat is out of the question.  We were planning on getting a second vehicle here shortly too.

I'm just so upset right now.


  1. I am so sorry all of this is happening. :(

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad and I can understand how frustrated and worried you are. I really hope they give you the leave so J can drop you, Bugsy and E.

  3. I'm so sorry, Rebecca. I hope your dad holds on and your husband can get the time he needs to get you home. HUGS!

  4. I'm so sorry! Prayers that you can get to him!!


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