Monday, November 14, 2016

Squeezing in a Doctor Visit

Today I was able to squeeze in a doctor visit at my clinic.  I did have to beg and use my condition.  After all I did need to get it on record with the paperwork I have on hand.  See the Primary card doctor they have me seeing isn't a doctor at all but a Nurse Practitioner.  They are good but I need to see a doctor.

Besides my PCM NP was busy today they told me.  Meanwhile I got the first of the Hep B shots done.  I'll need one or two more in the cycle.  I'll know more about that with each visit.  If you know more readers tell me.

So I got to see the doctor.  The actual doctor that I had my first appointment with at this clinic the first time I was here.  He admitted right off when he saw my spouse that he the doctor needed a haircut.  The Army has appearance standards.  I offered to shave his head for him.  Just a bit of laughter for all of us there.

The serious part now.  He is putting in a referral for me to see a hepatologist in St. Louis, MO as he cannot put me on the donor list even though he knows I need to be on one.  His nurse mentioned I need to have a case worker also.  He said they'll coordinate my care one I've seen the hepatologist in St. Louis.

Yes, I'll still be seeing the gastroenterologist off post.  I hope to here from them soon.  I hope to be able to coordinate all my appointments over Christmas so that my spouse can go with me.  It would just make things easier.  Otherwise I'll be dropping off the little one at a friend's house or daycare and driving alone to St. Louis.  Two hours there and Two hours back.  Yuck!

My doctor palpated my abdomen on the right side today to do the liver check.  It was really tender.  I had him check the left side too since I've been getting some odd pain there as well.  Not in the stomach either.  He got the spot easy enough.  It could be my spleen.  So to check it out he is scheduling a contrast CT, but not STAT.  So maybe that too can be done over Christmas?

Family was wondering if we were going to fly home.  Um, no.  I'm not well enough.  I'm hoping they eventually realize just how serious this situation is.

I'm a fighter I'm going to fight this.

If you would like to see if you could be a possible A Positive Live Liver Donor please contact me.

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