Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Doormat Speaks

These past few days have been ones of wonder.  The family that I thought would take my disease seriously seems to have brushed it off.  I do understand a bit.  I'm not going to say it doesn't hurt.  It does.  The family that has come to my aid the most has recently experienced a loss to the same disease, Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency .  I really appreciate their efforts.  They have gone above board for me.

I still need plenty of offers for an A Positive Live Liver Donor if I am to find that perfect match.  If you think you'd like to be a volunteer let me know.

Today I made the decision to stop dying my hair.  I mean why add more chemicals to my body at this point.  Sure hair dye proclaims that it is safe, so does nail polish and all of a sudden bam in the news you hear about some sort of chemical in it that isn't safe and we have to ditch our supplies.  I recently had to throw out all my old makeup because of the Talc issue.  I'll be throwing out my nail polish today too.  I mean why not?  I'll start over with the safe stuff.

I cut my hair today.  I've been cutting it for years.  I haven't cut it since sometime in the spring and it really needed it.  I think this is the shortest I've cut it in years.  But the curls are coming back nicely.

Yes that is me.  Big change from the other photos.  My hair is longer in the back.  I look so old from being sick.  My nose is still pink from where Eily bit me.  The lump is going down at least.  Man does she like to use all her teeth!  Right on the bridge of my nose.  Don't worry it is just a phase that some 2 year olds go through and she doesn't do it all the time.

While Eily sleeps I get to do some housework, jewelry making, computer work, cookie baking, reading or other things that need to get done.  Last week I set a smokey topaz into a rose gold semi mount ring.  This week I'm working on a kyanite and white sapphire necklace.

Eily went as a Princess for Halloween.  My husband took her Trick-or-Treating while I stayed home and handed out candy.  I was just too tired to walk with them.

So to end this blog post folks I'm still in need of an A positive Live Liver Donor.  If you think you'd like to volunteer to be a live Liver donor and a possible match for me please contact me.

~ Thank you.


  1. I'm sorry some family isn't taking your illness serious. It is very hard for some to understand. I know the feeling being I have illnesses to. Thank goodness I have my husband daughter, and son in law, who are always there for me.
    I pray for you daily and hope you find a doner that matches you perfectly.

  2. I'm so sorry you are dealing with family like that. You don't deserve that at all. Sending good thoughts that you will find a donor!


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