Friday, March 6, 2015

Swallowing My Pride and Sucking It Up Some More

It seems as though because of my Fibromyalgia I need to have a legal guardian.  Well at least according to the new  AR600-20 as of November 2014.  That really hurts my pride.  I mean I thought I was an adult.  I survived a divorce and I had fibromyalgia during that divorce.  I was diagnosed back in 1997 with it.

So yeah I guess my Mommy will have to be my legal guardian.  I just left her a message.  Good thing she is alive and only about six hours away.  Now that she doesn't have Dad to care for she could if need be come down to care for me.  But really I've been sick during deployments before, survived a head cold while taking care of a sick baby with him gone for training,  had a leg in a cast, been in an auto accident while he was stationed abroad for a year and still somehow took care of myself while living alone.  I think my track record shows that I can handle everything but surgery.  If I have to go in for surgery I have numbers listed in my wallet of who they can call on a red lined card along with meds lists and allergy alerts.

I mean I even have a living will and health care proxy.  Yes I even have a will too.  So I guess have a family care plan for myself to prevent the chaptering on my husband going through so they don't kick his butt out is fine.  I mean really why didn't they take care of this back in November?

Maybe it was because we were away for my father funeral?  Or was it because I was recovering from my brother trying to murder me? Or possibly both since they happened the same day.

Well good news, Mom said she be the legal guardian in the phone conversation I just had with her.  Now I just have to wait to here from DH and we'll work on ironing out this with his CoC.

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