Monday, March 2, 2015

2nd Oncology Follow Up

Still on full pelvic rest.  Was told that I'm still doing too much.  Great.

Ya da Ya da Ya da


No lifting more than 10 pounds
No bending, pulling, tugging, reaching or squatting
No prolonged sitting or standing

Also Pelvic rest for at least 12 weeks

all was written on the note to be given to my husband's employer (the ARMY) when he applies for more leave and explains to them why I'm not allowed to lift our 20 pound daughter as of yet.

It isn't that I like being on sloth rest either.  I'm really fricken sick of it!!!!!  However, when I lift my daughter I bleed.  Yes, I've still had moments over the past few weeks where I've had no choice but to lift her.

I'm getting cranky.

Sure I can make up her bottle, clean her bottles, refill the bottles with water so that they are ready to go when needed.

I can sort her clean laundry from a sitting position on the floor as long as I'm not bending over or sitting for too long.

DH is running out of leave time.  We need to save some of it for court too.  I know I'll have to make an appearance as a witness and so will he.

I lost my key fob to open up the car today.  Some where between the house and the oncologist office.  Rather sucks.  It fell off.  I've had the dang thing for nine years!

My oncologist thought my daughter was so cute and looked so much like the Gerber baby he just had to take photos of her with his cell phone.  So I stood behind him to get her to smile for the camera.  Can you believe that they had never heard of the Cheerios necklace?  She was wearing/eating one while in the office which really helped in keeping her occupied.


  1. Oh man, hoping the leave situation gets worked out!

    1. Jen, oh well I guess it was worked out. He has leave time left. But he was denied the extension. He was also ordered into a chewing out session today after a class at 0900hrs. We didn't even have time to get more formula yesterday as we were filling out requests for leave extension before the duty day ended. I'm hoping he has time to stop by the commissary today at lunch and get some before I run out entirely. The FRG here knows I need help but has turned a blind eye to the situation. So sad. Wishing I had never left JBLM where the FRG, of which I was part of, would have helped me me out if I needed them. The pain is horrible today since I can't take my pain meds and the bleeding has started back up since I'm lifting my baby girl.


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