Thursday, March 5, 2015

Quick Post

Third day of sucking it up.

Yesterday I tore open an incision.  It was also infected.  Great huh?

Back on antibiotics as soon as my DH gets the chance after work to go get them.  He didn't get that chance yesterday.

Eily is doing well.  I tore the incision open while lifting her of course.

I've also had to take on the house work again.  DH has no time for that either.

He has had a dressing down for even asking for an extension.

His CO has started the paperwork to chapter him out.  Why?  Well because DH doesn't have a family care plan.

He actually isn't required to have one.  I actually looked it up too.

Q: Who is required to have a Family Care Plan?
A. Generally, all Soldiers who have dependents and are either single or part of a dual-military couple must have a Family Care Plan. The requirement for a Family Care Plan applies to both Active and Reserv
e Component Soldiers, regardless of grade. AR 600-20, paragraph 5-5b, lists the specific categories of Soldiers for whom a Family Care Plan is mandatory. A Family Care Plan also can benefit other Soldiers, however. Although not required to do so, all married Soldiers who have family members as well as Emergency-Essential DA Civilians are encouraged to prepare a Family Care Plan.

We have it already set up in our wills as to the disposition of our estate, and our legal guardianship of our daughter in the event I should become unable to care for her or should we die.  That should be enough.  I guess it isn't enough or perhaps the CO didn't know about this document.  I told DH he needs to bring in the will when he goes in front of the CO tomorrow to show him that we did indeed have something in place already.  Perhaps this will hold him off from filing the chapter paperwork until DH can fill out the not really required paperwork.

That word encouraged should be changed to bullied or threatened in my book from what they are doing to him.


  1. I cannot believe how they are treating you both! It's appalling!

  2. That sucks! Unfortunately it's commanders discretion when it comes to a family care plan, they can require them even though a reg states otherwise.

    1. Jen, I found out last night the Family Care Plan isn't even for my is for me! The new policy put into effect late last year means I have to have a legal guardian now when my husband goes away for training in case I get sick just because I have fibromyalgia.

    2. Crazy, yes but understandable enough. Mom and I talked about it. She said she'd do it. She then talked with my husband. She is going to get he documents notarized as soon as they arrive at her place and then send them back out again. I told her I'd reimburse her to send them registered mail.

  3. ouch... =\ hope the infection goes away soon!

  4. I am so sorry you're dealing with this ridiculousness.


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