Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bookcase Project

Yesterday I got a bit carried away.  I told myself that I was going to do the back of the bookcase and only the back.  An hour later I was finished with the project.  Not sure where I found the energy to complete is but I'm glad my part is done.  J promised that he was start sealing the bookcase this weekend.  I won't hold my breath on that promise.

If you'll please look behind the couch you'll see the bookcase before I attacked it with stain yesterday.
It needed the stain as I've had that bookcase unfinished since 2000.  Yup, about time it gets done!

Same bookcase now almost finished.  I used a Red Oak stain by Minwax.  The majority of my wood furnishings are either real cherry or oak that has a red oak finish.  The bookcase is pine, a much softer material and of course it picks up the stain differently.

Yes, the bar that is behind the bookcase is knotty pine.  It was my grandmother's and made from the leftover materials when her kitchen was built in the 40's.  I'm not going to re-stain the bar!
Top of the bookcase up close with a glare from the over head light fixture.  I think it came out pretty good.  We'll see after J applies the sealer.

Yes, I did this project in my living room.  I had the windows open and the fans blowing so that I wouldn't make the air polluted to the point I couldn't breath.  Its been too cold to work outside and J just hasn't cleaned up the garage floor so I wasn't going into the garage with this project.  I was very neat and made no spills.  I did get stain on my old clothes but they were full of holes so I didn't really care.

I've thought about buying this product for my kitchen table but I've never used it before.  Have any of you?


  1. I think it looks amazing, good job! :) I'm the same way I can't start a project and not finish it. :)

    1. Hoping it turns out really good when the sealant is applied. I told J to not let it drip. He said he has no problem doing the clear sealant, it is just the stain that scares him.

  2. I have a dresser and some other furniture that I really want to spruse up / protect. I have ALWAYS been very worried that I would ruin them so I have as of yet NEVER actually done a furniture project. GOOD FOR YOU! and the results speak for themselves!


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