Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nighmares Yay

I thought I'd never cheer for nightmares.  The nightmares have started.  This morning I woke up from one where my brother, we don't have good relationship and never talk now, was causing me problems.

I usually get nightmares before my period starts.

Today I'll be taking another tea of Lovage root.  It really helped with the stomach issues last night but one side effect I could do without was the retention of sodium in the body.  So I gained a pound back.  Well I'll just have to drink nearly double the water I normally do today to make sure I don't gain more from it.

Fingers crossed I see red in a few days.


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    1. Thanks Jen. Oh if you noticed I had to put up the captcha again. Too many spammers and vulgar ones at that.

  2. C'mon's rude to keep a nice lady waiting!
    Boo on the nightmares.

  3. Hope it's just another day or two!


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