Saturday, April 12, 2014

25 Weeks Tomorrow

Hard to believe that the time is flying by so fast.  J and I have been on the road trip east for well over a week.

Thursday night we made a detour to NY state to visit his folks over the Palm Sunday weekend.  We'll take a day or two and visit with my folks in NC next.  We are pretty much just waiting for my dad to get out of the ICU.  Yes he is that sick again.

Bugsy has been traveling quite well and is at this moment getting used to J's brother's dog Mason.  Both are afraid of one another.

I'll do a better update on things once we get more settled but for now we are still "homeless" in the process of moving.


  1. Seems like time is certainly flying by!

  2. I'm glad you're trip is going well, and that you're updating along the way :) Yay for 25wks!

  3. Woot woot for 25 weeks! :) Good luck with the rest of your move :)


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