Friday, April 25, 2014

26 Weeks 5 Days

J finally uploaded to his laptop the two bump photos he took of me while on vacation.  So I'll share them now.
24 week photo take at our hotel in Wyoming.  It was here that I noticed that I started to break out in a bad rash on my arms, chest, stomach and tops of my thighs.  Hopefully I'll remember to mention it to my new OB at today's appointment.  All but the rash on the thighs and one spot on my left arm is now healed.  I had thought in advance to bring hydrocortisone cream with me on this trip.
26 weeks taken on Easter Sunday at my parents' house guest bedroom.  Wet hair, no makeup and almost ready to head off to the hospital to see my dad.  Dad is going through surgery today to repair a hole they found in his bladder.  They might have to take part of his intestine to create a new bladder for him.  He has already been in the hospital for three weeks, two of which have been spent in the ICU.

At today's appointment I'll find out just how much I have gained.  As of last week I had lost another 1.5 pounds but this past week I haven't been weighing myself at all.  Just too busy.  I know with all the eating out I must have gained a bit.

Yesterday I bought all the cloth diapers that I need to start with for my baby girl (25 diapers).  I'll probably need to buy about a dozen more once I find out which brand I prefer.

Last night J and I did some more shopping and I purchased things for our new apartment along with a 27 pack of disposable diapers for when her umbilical cord is still attached.  Easier to cut away a paper diaper than to try to turn down an all-in-one cloth diaper.

Tomorrow we'll be moving into our new apartment.  I'll be without a phone or internet for a few more days.  So glad that we bought that air mattress as the household goods folks are refusing to release our furniture until the 5th of May.  We've been going to our new place nightly and setting up a few things here and there as we pick them up.  I'm not liking the layout of this place but we are renting so it isn't like I can modify things like I'd want to.  I'll just have to deal with it.  Still can't get over how the master bedroom "dressing room" is so tiny.  Who in their right mind would decide that a space big enough for a huge walk in closet could be tuned into an accordion door closet on one side, towel bar on another wall and third wall put in a tiny vanity.  If that sink wasn't there I'd put in a rolling rack for clothes storage.  With my husband having two complete wardrobes we need the closet space!  Luckily enough the hall storage closet, though it doesn't have bars in it to hang things on, it does have shelves on one side.  What I plan on doing is using the back half for storage of our decorations and crafting supplies ( J does chain maille) and the front two shelves I already installed tension bars to hang short items on.  J will get the bottom pole while I'll get the top one.  I'll probably have to install a middle support to both poles but since I have to get one for the second bedroom anyway it won't be a big deal.

The master bedroom closet shelf is thin metal along with the same in the second bedroom.  I won't be able to store much on either of those shelves.  I was hoping to at least be able to store a few boxes of toys on the shelves that my daughter won't need until later on.  But I'm afraid that the weight on the shelves will cause them to collapse.  Her closet is devoid of supports and that is where I got the idea to purchase supports for her closet and the two make shift ones I created in the hall closet.

I'll take photos of our new place as I go along and make minor improvement.  Wishing I could change up things in the only bathroom.  The bathroom is so tiny.  I can barely fit on the toilet and my etagere rack isn't going to fit over it since the only towel bar is above the toilet.  I won't be hanging bath sheets on that flimsy rod as it is also hanging too low to the tank.

I'd love to put some air stone in front of the tub but since it would be a permanent change it isn't allowed. I'll have to deal with how the floor buckles and the vinyl base-boarding in front of the tub is wonky and dirty looking like they used the wrong color caulking.  I'd have to take a photo for you to truly understand how bad it looks.  As a matter of fact I'd best take lots of photos of the place this weekend before our things arrive though I have annotated the defects in the place on the work sheets they gave us.  We have to do our own move in inspection to make sure that we aren't charged for things that were damaged before we got there upon our leaving this installation.

I'll update later on when I find out what the OB has to say about today's appointment.


  1. Ugh. I'm so sorry about the apt. Praying for your dad's surgery.

  2. Oh, you're such a trooper. I would have a hard time moving around and being forced to live in places I don't like. :(


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