Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Scaredy Cat

Having a few issues with Bugsy since yesterday.

The movers have come and gone and with them went all the furniture.  I did keep out Bugsy's toys, litter box, blankets and cage but for him it just isn't enough.

Last night J and I had to set up the master bedroom as a safe space for the cat.  We had to do this when we found that he decided he wanted to hide in our pantry.

Today we tried to open up the other rooms to the cat but he just doesn't like it and will walk around with his tail down between his legs.  The house is echoing a lot and sounds that didn't sound like much before now are just too loud and frightening for him.

Hopefully by the time we turn in the keys on Friday, if the house passes inspection, Bugsy will be better adjusted.  He'll have to get used to it because Friday we hit the road and hope to make the Washington/Idaho border by nightfall.

Now for some pregnancy news.

23 weeks 2 days.  Alas I haven't been taking photos. No real bump to notice since the one I posted before. I had an OB appt. today.

Weight: -1.6 pounds since the 12th
BP: 129/68
Fundal Height: 24 CM
Fetal Heart rate: 140's and doing well

Baby Hiccup has been balling up a bit which I just found out can be a concern.  I'll have to keep a bottle of water at my bedside from now on  to help with uterine cramping.  With all the other pains I'm used to being in I don't really notice this as being a pain.  But the odd part is that she likes to ball up when I lie down on either side.  Figure that one out for me please.

My maternity clothes need suspenders.  Had I known for sure I wouldn't have had a big bump, but who knew when they were having a 70% off sale when I was 10 weeks along, then I would have bought one size smaller than my actual size of 16 bottom and 18 tops.  Hoping my two piece full coverage swim suit will stay up.  If it seems like it is too loose I'll take needle and thread to the bottoms and put in some darts.  Yes, I packed a sewing kit in my bags...not the cheap sewing kit either.  I packed pin cushion, needles, full sized scissors and all.

I got an "I hate you" from a female patient at the RE office when I was saying good bye to them.  They are next door to the OB/GYN at Madigan.  The gal had her 10 month old son with her and said that at 20 weeks she was "out to there" (picture looking near full term) with her first pregnancy.  She said the above as she wiped the snot off her son's face with her sleeve.  Note that tissues, face masks and hand sanitizer are within reach of the desk at the RE clinic.

The COB doctor, Dr. Renfro, explained to J and I that I have a few reasons why I'm not showing yet at 23 weeks.  1) I've lost weight.  2) I have a wide pelvis.  3) I'm tall.  Just like my mom who also didn't show much at all.


  1. I didn't show much until 25 weeks or so with my first either. Sometimes you just don't! Pretty soon you'll be "out to there"!

  2. Hope Bugsy handles the travel well!

  3. I hope bugsy does okay with traveling!

  4. Safe travels! Glad everything is going well with the pregnancy!

  5. I didn't start showing much until around 28 weeks. I'm tall, though, so that played into it a lot.

    Safe travels! I hope Bugsy settles down for you and travels well.


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