Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Days at Ft. Stewart GA

Yesterday was our first full day at Ft. Stewart and I don't have very much to say about it as of yet.  We signed for our housing.  I did my pre admission paperwork for labor and delivery and tried to get an OB appt.  Still waiting for a call back from OB.

My concerns are clear and understandable.  Our apartment is substandard and I'm not sure the Army is aware of the conditions of the housing on this installation.  Well I only hope they aren't aware of how bad the housing is because if they are aware then I'd be mighty upset.  I realize that they "sold" all the housing to a company that is supposed to maintain it properly but it is quite evident that they feel as though a new coat of pain will cover anything.

I am going to have to put in quite a few work orders to have our apartment livable.  Yes I did consider living off post.  However, living off post would mean an increase in our fuel budget and dealing with a landlord that might not give a crap about fixing things.  I had contacted a few rentals before I left JBLM but none got back to me.

Our new neighbors so far seem to be nice.  They filled us in on the fact that the previous tenant left for a bit and their unit, now my unit, became flooded.  Well that would explain the smell.  Most of the surfaces including the two sink vanities but not the cabinets are coated in a texture where it looks like they are trying to hide damage. 

The second bedroom closet is bigger than the master bedroom closet.  The master bedroom closet area, a five foot accordion door closet, would be much bigger if some idiot hadn't decided to put in a second door to the only bathroom and a second vanity.  Wishing I could rip out the vanity, close off the door access to the bath and put up some tension rods to hang clothes.

Our new place is 1017 sq. ft.  Much smaller than my 1500 sq. ft. house I was just living in earlier this month.  We will be able to fit all our things in the house but I'm not sure about about the storage area for J's gear.  He has so much stuff and it is going to be tight without a garage or shed and a shed isn't allowed on the premises.

My neighbors also told me that Winn Medical clinic/hospital doesn't take care of complicate OB.  Great.  Looks like I'll be driving an hour each way to Savannah for my appointments.  Why can't they tell you this before you move?  I think I would have opted to stay at JBLM and have J extend for 6 more months.  I will try hard to make the best of this new duty station and hope it works well for J's career.


  1. Ugh. I'm sorry for the state of that apartment. Hopefully they can get it fixed up in a hurry!

    I had to drive an hour each way for my appts, too, and I actually started to really enjoy the drive. I hope the same ends up happening for you. You do have the added bonus of Savannah being beautiful and delicious. :-)

    1. I'm looking forward to visiting Savannah soon. As for the apartment I'll learn to live with it and it's quirks. But I can hope that our next duty station is a bit nicer in the living quarters department. For now we are staying in the post hotel while we wait to find out when we can get our household goods shipped to our house from where ever they put them.

  2. Oh man! I hope they can come in and fix the issues in your new home!

  3. We spent several years at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, I used to doctor at Candler Hospital, my OB was amazing and female. If you would like to know her name, just let me know. I also know there were several really nices places around Stewart as well as right off of 95 at the Savannah exit. If you need any help about your new home, I would be happy to share my little knowledge. On the bright side the beach isn't very far.....oh how I miss Tybee!

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  5. Hi from ICLW! I give you a lot of credit for managing a big move like this while pregnant. I hope the OB and apartment situations work themselves out without too much added stress!


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