Friday, April 18, 2014

Can't Find It

After looking high and low Mom and I can't find my christening dress.  Mom thinks that my brother threw it out.  We found his coming home outfit, christening outfit and communion suit.  I asked my mom why she thinks my brother would throw out my christening outfit and she said that he is vindictive like that.

I have hope that she'll still find it somewhere or my brother will tell her it had to be thrown out because maybe the mice in the attic in the old house chewed it to shreds.  I'd hate to think that my brother is just that mean to throw out something so important to my mother.

Mom and I shopped around on amazon yesterday and I found a pretty christening dress that I think she could find a pattern for and make up.  I have plenty of material left over from my wedding dress, of which mom made for me, to make a gown for my daughter.  The dress we liked best has an overlay of tulle with lace and sequins.  Not gaudy but elegant.

However, I did tell my mom that if she continues to look for the gown it might be best to start on the Irish linen handkerchief bonnet while she puts off the gown making.  She agreed it would be a good idea.  The idea with the bonnet is that with a few snips of the thread holding the gathering in the back it can be turned into the something old she can carry down the aisle when she weds.

Today we are headed out early so that my mom can actually look around at all the baby gear with J and I.  Last weekend I went baby clothes shopping with J's mom who had a lot of fun buying cute outfits of which she'll send to us later as the baby needs them since she purchased larger sizes.

Dad is in a private room and will soon be transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation.  He came down with a nasty case of MRSA this time; actually not the first time he has had this in this particular year.  Hoping he fully recovers soon and will be able to go north for his granddaughter's christening later this year.

Well it is becoming a bit of a zoo here at the dining room table as Mom and J are holding a conversation over my head.  Since I can't concentrate while trying to type I'll end this for today.

One quick note on the weight gain:  I'm still weighing in naked exactly what I did at week 23 which is almost 3 weeks ago.  Bump is definitely there too.  J took a picture at 24 weeks and I'll have him take a photo at 26 weeks which is this Sunday.  I'll get around to posting them as soon as we get to our new duty station.


  1. I hope your brother didn't do such a thing, that's awful. The idea of your mom making one out of the same material as your wedding dress sounds incredibly sweet though.

    I'm glad you've gotten to spend time with your family. I'm sorry about your dad though :(

  2. I thought I'd revisit some of my old stomping grounds today. So glad to hear about your pregnancy!!! Hope all goes well throughout. Thinking of you.

  3. I really hope your brother didn't throw it out!!

  4. I'm sorry you can't find your christening gown. I would hope your brother wasn't that mean.

    I must have missed the announcement you're having a girl. Congratulations!

    I hope your dad recovers quickly.

  5. I wish your dad effective recovery.

    Family drama can be really painful. I hope that even if your brother disposed off of the dress it was innocuous reasons rather than vengefulness.

    Good Luck, and may all go well with the pregnancy!


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