Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ground Hog Daze

Ugh!  It is just like my life is the same each and every day that blurs into night and another day again.  I'm not sure where the sleep went.

I'd list here for you folks our typical schedule but there just isn't one.

We added rice cereal to Little E's formula to help with the colic issue.  It seems to be helping.  She is now taking 5 ounces of formula every 3.5 to 4 hours with the rice cereal in it.

She is has almost outgrown the 0-3 month size clothes.

No I haven't weighed her in over a week.

I have been taking photos of her every day.

I'm not going to complain about the laundry or bottles.  I'm fine with the extra work Little E is creating.  My main complaint is the DH.  He will have been home for 75 days by the time he signs back into work on the 6th.  He is driving me nuts with his incomplete projects and his falling asleep while feeding Little E.  Even this afternoon I heard the empty bottle drop to the floor.  Thank God it wasn't the baby he dropped this time.

I mean why is he so tired?  I get the same amount of sleep as he does.  I'm up every time she cries or the alarm goes off to feed or change her.  I thought two weeks ago it was the lack of caffeine for him.  He forgot to pick up coffee and lets just say it wasn't pleasant to be around him.  I don't drink coffee or anything with caffeine in it.  But he is still walking around in a daze a week later and he now has his coffee.

I'm still in pain from the endometriosis.  I got my referral approved through Tricare for both Internal Medicine and the Oncologist.  The hospital here can see me for the Internal Medicine of which I have an appointment with them on Tuesday.  I'll try to remember to let all of you know how that goes.  It is an hour long appointment and there is a lot wrong with my body.  Ever since the pap a week ago I can't hold my pee.

Yes the pee problem is that bad I thought I should complain about it here.  Before I had the pap I would have a bit of a dribble issue since giving birth.  Just today I squatted down to play with Little E on her play mat and I had a gush of pee.  What sucked is that I thought a pantyliner would contain it all today.  Back to wearing a pad for me.  Nice ass rash to go with it too.  Damn super sensitive skin.  I'm about ready to use some of Little E's diaper ointment.

I'm still having bruising without hitting anything.  I'll have to remember, hahahaha, to tell the doctor on Tuesday about that little issue.  I'm still taking the iron pills three times a day.

I also have my mammogram appointment on Tuesday.  I hope I remember to pack deodorant to use after the appointment.  Living in the south in the summer without wearing deodorant is something I'd like to never experience.

We went out this week to my dentist.  I had to get a crown re-done.  I needed it while pregnant but had to wait.  After the dentist the three of us went to get some of my jewelry inspected.  I decided while there, since DH did not get me a single thing for giving birth not even a thank you or an I'm glad you are still alive, that it was time that I got myself a nice piece of jewelry.  Oh I made him use his card and sign for it even though I do the finances in the family.  Here is a photo of what I bought myself:
It is a raspberry rhodolite with vanilla and chocolate diamonds set in 14k strawberry gold by Le Vian.  DH now has something he can add to and he'll get reminders to do so.  All of my stuff will go to Little E some day so he can't really complain too much.  Besides I think I deserve it.

After the jewelers we stopped for lunch.  Little E slept through the whole one hour meal.  DH took her to the men's room to change her diaper for me too.

I'll leave you with a photo I took this week of Little E.


  1. She is precious! Ahhh life with a newborn...where the days and nights blend together. Don't worry, it does get better!

    About your DH, I'd cut him a little slack. It sounds like he is really helpful with caring for little E. He could be like some dads and leave everything up to you. We all deal with changes in sleep differently. I get crabby and emotional and my husband gets stupid. Like I said, I'd cut him a break.

    These weeks are long, but wonderful ones.... Enjoy them!! :)

  2. Lovely ring and E is such a cutie! Good luck with your appt.

  3. OMG I go away for a while and come back and you have a new cat and a beautiful baby girl!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh I just spent hours catching up on your blog!! So happy for you and *hugs* !!!

  4. She's soooo cute! I can't believe how big she's getting already! Love your ring too, very nice. Hoping that the doctors can help with your issues, that sounds very difficult.

  5. Beautiful ring and beautiful baby! I can relate to your frustration at can be so dense and so lazy!


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