Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Growing Like a Weed

Little E is 5 weeks old today.

Last night we had to move her to her crib because she likes to sleep like a starfish and can't do that in the bassinet.  Mind you I was quite anxious to be having her sleeping in her crib for the first time.  I know that the crib is set to high standards but those slats seem to be too far apart for my liking.  I checked them and they are just fine, it is just me being an over protective mom.

I still can't nurse Little E.  I'm still not producing enough milk to make continuing on like this worth my time or the frustration and depression.  On the 21st I have my follow up with the OB.  I'm going to ask him about domperidone and if it will help the situation.  I might just have insufficient glandular tissue  (IGT).  I've been using the breast pump, Medela hospital rental, since July 23rd and the milk supply is no greater than when I used my manual pump.  The only thing that has increased is my frustration with myself.

You see PCOS, of which I had, and other endocrine disorders can cause a woman to have less breast milk production and even have the IGT issue.  I might just be one of them.  So I shouldn't be too hard on myself but I am.

I'm still loading up a box of Little E's newborn clothing to donate to the hospital's social services department.  They will make sure it goes to a needy family in the pay grades of E1-E4.  I also posted Little E's bassinet on a facebook group today.  I listed it as free with the three sheets.  I bought it used and didn't pay much for it.  No less than four people jumped on the offer right away.  The first person decided they couldn't pick it up.  I moved on to the second one and am now waiting for her spouse to come by after work to get it.  As Little E grows out of more of her things I'll be giving those away too.  I still have to find a person that would like the maternity clothing I had.  I even have a maternity swimsuit that I never wore that is in the box too.  There are times I'd like to get rid of everything in the house and live smaller and more simply; that will never happen.


  1. She is so cute! It is amazing how quickly they grow and outgrow things. That is so nice of you to donate the items to others, I'm sure whoever gets them will appreciate them.

  2. Hi! I was looking at the IComLeavWe list and saw you had PPD listed as one of your topics. I went through it with my oldest and I'm battling postpartum anxiety after having my 6mo.

    Your post reminded me of this article I read today from Kelly Mom. I don't know if it'll be helpful, but wanted to pass it along. Some of the moms who shared their experiences also have IGT.


    1. do you have the web link you can share with me?

  3. Maybe this article will be helpful... Are you pumping at least 7-8 times a day? Pump pump pump as much as you can! Mimic how often the baby would feed to establish a good supply. It's hard with EPing, since a pump can't empty the breast as well as a baby can so you have to pump A LOT!!


  4. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!!!! She is perfect!


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