Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Always Something Else

I'm having a real struggle here with my landlord on Ft. Stewart.

I need ADA housing.

I get the paperwork from K.J. at the BB office.

I have my doctor's office fill it out.

Not good enough.  It isn't specific enough and the doctor thought that the ADA was implied.

One more time I bring the doctor the form and have his office fill it out with the letters ADA on it in the correct line space.

K.J. at the BB office calls me while I was gone to my folks up north.  According to her the handwriting doesn't match and thus it is rejected.

I need to pick up yet another form and tell my doctor that he can't have his nurse fill out the form even if he himself did sign and stamp it.  No he needs to put pen to paper and copy all of that which was put on the other form onto the new one and again sign and stamp the new form.

I'm wondering just how many more fucking flaming hoops I'll have to leap through with my cane to get into better housing.

Can you tell I'm pissed off?


  1. I would be too! What BS! They've obviously just finding excuses, and that is just sad. Hopefully they don't find anymore excuses.

  2. Yes it is crap and I'm sick of it. Unfortunately Balfour Beatty Realty owns quite a few of the housing areas on other installations. I think maybe 10 Army installations sold out to them.


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