Monday, November 10, 2014

Four Months Old

Two days ago Little E turned four months old.

Milestones: She is taking 2-4 ounces of white grape juice and eating some rice cereal from a bowl now.

Length: 24.2 inches

Weight 14 lbs 10 oz

Her length puts her in the 55th percentile and her weight the 75th percentile for her age.

She had all her shots on the 31st for her four month check up.  These didn't go as badly this time around because as soon as I got to a seat with her I gave her the baby tylenol.  I learned my lesson with the first set of shots!

J had his first blood draw by accident with her.  He was cutting her nails today and accidentally nipped a finger of her's.  She didn't cry until he started going crazy about the tiny bit of blood.  Daddy felt really bad.  I made phone call to my mom to ensure him that all parents have done just that.  Mom calmed him down and assured him that I was dropped to the floor and had more than one finger tip cut with the nippers too.  I guess it is a right of passage with the baby with at least one parent inflicting accidental damage to the little one.

No teeth yet but she is drooling a lot.
She isn't rolling over yet.  But she is sitting up unsupported in a chair.  She can also stand if you hold her hands.

I had a nightmare last night she skipped crawling altogether and went right to walking and I didn't have the house baby proofed.

I won't be baby proofing this house if I can help it either.  It looks like I'll be able to finally get ADA housing on post.  It took a phone call from my doctor to the landlord on post to make them realize what I needed and to stop delaying my paperwork.

The "new" place will be about the same size as the place I lived in at the last duty station when it comes to square footage.  Luckily the rooms will be large enough to get the wheel chair or walker around in them if I end up in one after surgeries.  Yes there is that distinct possibility.  Praying it doesn't happen but  it could and as for now I do use a cane.  My cane is easy to attach to the stroller of which I'm glad.  I'm not looking forward to trying to navigate a stroller while using a walker or wheel chair so I really hope it doesn't happen.

Yesterday J and I fed the baby from a bowl and spoon for the first time.   I wanted to post a vid of it but it is too large of a file.

Yes, I'm still fat.  About 8 weeks after the next surgery I should be allowed to exercise again.  Until then it is still pelvic rest.  It sucks.


  1. I totally did the finger clipping thing with my first and I kid you not, I haven't cut either of my kids nails since. I think I'm scarred for life.

  2. Me too! I nipped one of the twins pretty badly. His homemade quilt still has the stain on it. After that, I just used the emery board and filed them down. Worked great, no snipping.

  3. That's incredible that she is sitting up unassisted and she's not even rolling over yet! Strong little girl you have there, just like her Momma.


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