Saturday, February 21, 2015

7.5 Months Old

Little E is WALKING!!!

J yelled to me to get into the nursery at once.  I came flying in as fast as I could considering I'm not allowed to run this soon after surgery thinking something was wrong with the baby.

He apologized at once for not telling what it was that he needed me for with his frantic voice.  He has been working with Eilonwy for weeks now on walking.  He too was an early walker and was walking right around 8 months of age.

Wishing I had grabbed my camera.  Eilonwy took three steps on aided by hand before she dropped to the floor.  OMG we have a walker!

Time to get the baby gates and child proof the house!

I should have known she was going to walk soon  as she went from walking in two of his hands to just one handed walking last week.

She gets so excited when Daddy asks for her hands to stand up and walk with him.  I know she is going to miss him when he goes back to work next month.  Looks like he'll be doing more than that soon according to the newspaper headline too.  Now if only we can get a straight answer from his chain of command.

Hoping to do the re-enlistment thingy soon.  Wow hard to believe it is time for that already.  With the budget cuts we were delayed in coming to this duty station by a year and a half and it might be time to already say good bye to it by next year.  I'm not going to mind that too much.  Housing here is terrible if all you qualify for is a two bedroom in the enlisted quarters.


  1. Congratulations!!! May the force--of nature--be with you.

  2. (does it still count for ICLW commenting if I already follow you? =P)

    WOW on E walking!! Crazy girl!
    Definitely better get those babygates ready!

  3. time for a new level of cleaning, and, time to update your about page...

  4. Congrats! I thought that crawling made things tougher but with walking they get into everything!


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