Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Seven Months Old

Little E turned Seven Months old.

She is into everything.

She is still walking in J's hands.  I suspect next month she'll be trying to walk without his hands as for now she clings to furniture and tries to walk a bit without his support already.

She has decided she likes her push and go bike.

I realize that this toy is meant for a child that is 12 months old but as you can see she can put her feet on the ground and push off easily enough.  This is a photo of her mounting the bike.  Sometimes it is so hard to believe that she can't crawl all that well but is trying to walk on her own.

Her newest feat is that she has untied an over hand knot.  I'm not lying to you folks unless my spouse is lying to me and I have no clue why he would lie to me.  I made three cheerio necklaces for my little one.  I knotted the string on the end to hold the cheerios in place when stringing them on.  Then when finished I knotted the finished end to the first end in an over hand knot.  It was that last knot, of which was done tightly and the ribbon was grosgrain mind you, that she managed to untie!  The child is going to have to be watched closely from here on out.

I ordered another toy to aid Little E in her walking process. 
It should be here soon.  I've heard good things about it and I hope that she enjoys it well enough.  Have any of you used this toy to help with the walking of your child or a child you have taken care of?  If so did you like it?

As for my surgery healing...well it could be better.  I'm still in pain.  Seems like one of the incision sites is infected.  Today one of the incisions decided to leak pus.  I called the nurse about it to let her know.  I'll be seeing my doctor for the two week follow up later this week.

The FRG here hasn't even acknowledged that I might need help.  They know I had surgery.  The day I got home from the hospital I got an email reminding me that I had a meeting that night.  I responded back reminding them that I had major surgery and that I'd like the notes sent to me. Two weeks later nothing has been emailed to me.  No phones calls,   No visits at home.  Such a shame considering our FRG leader goes to my church and is a singer there too.  She seems friendly enough.  Her husband is in my husband's direct chain of command too.  Oh well.  Her husband would also know that we would be needing information and possibly help since J would be soon needed back at work.

On that note. ...they tried to make him go back to work.  They forced him to sign back off leave yesterday.  They made him do a new leave packet this morning.  He had to bring with him to work this morning our daughter since I have a lifting restriction of 5 pounds.  His first SGT threatened to take J's stripes.  Oh dear, yes it is that bad.  J has plenty of leave saved up.  There are no field ops going on.  There are no overseas missions going on right now.  There is nothing to prevent him taking leave especially medically necessary leave for family.  What the problems is right now I don't know.  Funny thing is that they are actually encouraging other soldiers to take leave right now.  So yeah why are they busting on my spouse?

And the Army goes rolling along.


  1. Wow I can't believe they are doing that to him, that is just awful!

  2. So cute!

    Sorry they are giving issues over his leave- not cool!

  3. She is really beautiful - and suddenly looking so big on her bike. Its amazing how their face just changes from infant to a baby in what seems like an instant. Hope your recovery goes well. Seems really unfair about J's leave.

  4. She is just so beautiful! I can't believe how big she is!


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