Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One Week Post Surgery

I'm healing.  I know I'm healing because the incisions are itching.

I'm still bruised.  Hopefully the bruising will go away soon.

The glue is still pretty much still intact.

The muscles are still cramping up.

Motrin has become my go to pain medicine.

Today I went grocery shopping for food for Eilonwy and it was hard on my body.  I couldn't wait to get home and don some sweat pants.  J forgot to put her car seat behind the driver's seat so I had to sit upright.  That was rather painful.

But we made it through the shopping and are home without popping any of the four incisions open.  One of the incisions has decided to pucker.  It is rather disturbing to me.  My fault I guess since I am a doormat and decided to do too much the first day home.  I cooked and did laundry.  I had to put my foot down the by the fourth day and explain to my spouse that he has this leave time off so that he can nurse me and take care of the baby not so he can be babied.  Since then I've been without having to do housework which is good.  Oh I've been fending for myself for most meals still but my husband doesn't like to cook.

Here is a photo of one week past surgery of the incision sites:
bruising is better, still swollen and left side still hurts 


  1. Wow, hope it continues to heal well. And that your husband at least takes care of himself and E, he should be taking better care of you!

  2. Yes definitely relax!!!! Surgery like that is no joke, even when I just had my left tube taken out the recovery was awful and the pain was horrible. Hugs friend!

  3. Man, that is painful to look at girlie. Take it easy! Hoping he starts taking better care of you, you need the rest.


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