Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shoe Shopping

Yesterday we took Little E shoe shopping.  Since we now have a toddler of sorts we need shoes for her feet.  For some reason I thought she had big feet.  Turns out Little Miss has small feet for her age.  Okay this is going to be interesting to find shoes for her I guess.  I was under the impression that she had big feet because all those sleep n plays were too small in the feet.  Has anyone else had that problem with the sleepers being too small in the feet too?

Well since J and I got a gift card from his folks for V day I went shopping for E with it at Carter's.  Shoes were on sale and I had a coupon.  I bought her two pairs.  First size was a 2 but I decided since her toes were at the very end a 2.5 ( 6-9 months ) would be the best fit for now and I also bought a size 3.5 (9 to 12 months)  in the same color; silver.  We'll get her sandals for summer weather when that happens later on.

Cute little bug last night decided to walk around a bit in the store to make an impression on the clerks too.  They couldn't believe how young she was and walking already.  Sad fact was that the only shoes that fit her were the crawling shoes.  Little E still isn't crawling all that well.  I'm sure she'll master that at some point.

Does anyone know when it is safe to allow the baby to sleep on their sides?  Little E keeps wanting to sleep on her side.  I keep moving her to her back and she just rolls to her side again.  Should I just let her roll to her side and let her stay that way?  She is only 7.5 months old.

You can see her new shoes up front.  Her Laura Ashley sneakers are there along with her Justin boots as well as some dress shoes, slippers and a couple of hats in her basket.  Yes I'm reading to her from the Harry Potter series right now.


  1. My peds always said if baby could roll back to belly and belly to back unassisted they could sleep however they wanted assuming there was nothing in the crib that would stop them from rolling. Once they are mobile it's hard to stop them from finding their own comfy spot.

  2. I love her new shoes, so cute!!!

  3. Once babies can roll, you can leave them. My pediatrician always said to lay them down to sleep on their backs, but if they can roll you don't need to roll them back. I still roll them back sometimes, if they're asleep enough that it won't wake them, but I'm paranoid. I gave up the battle with my son, and I know I have mostly given it up with the girls. They're all belly sleepers... they just gravitate there, no matter if I lay them down or flip them.

    You should be find to leave her, I think it's more about what YOU are comfortable with.

  4. 1 - yes, I've noticed sleepers being first small in the feet!!
    2 - first few times Button flipped over onto his tummy on his own, I kept repositioning him to his back - nervous that he wouldn't be able to breathe on his tummy... and (SOMEHOW) finally stopped and let him sleep how he positioned himself... it might have been around 8-9 months...
    3 - i LOVE that you read Harry Potter to E =)

  5. Such cute little shoes! I noticed with my nephews the feet got too small in the sleepers long before they outgrew them...and their feet aren't abnormal for their ages so I think it is the sleepers.

  6. my comment got eaten yesterday (or you deleted me and you hate me and now I'll go eat worms...) Everything I was going to say other ladies said so I just second all their comments and suggest you always buy PJ's a full size up because even my peanut of 13% maxes out the feet in PJ's....

    1. I don't hate you. If you must eat worms, only gummy ones please. I'll have to see about doing just that about the pj's with the full size up.


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