Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Antibiotics are Crap

I'm hopefully imagining things but I'm rather doubtful.  When I had the surgery three weeks ago I was put on three different kinds of antibiotics that were rambled off to me the night I spent in the hospital.  Something, something, cipro.  Okay at least I recognized one.

I got home and developed a bad pain when I peed.  I told the nurse.  No it wasn't the pain you get when you have a UTI.  I've had two of those.  It didn't hurt when I actually peed but rather when I finished peeing like when I used to have a uterus and my ovaries and  I'd get a nasty ovarian cyst tucked between the bladder and uterus type pain.  Still they gave me an antibiotic.  This time Cipro by itself.

Last week Friday I had the sutures taken out.  The doctor on duty at the oncology office didn't like the drainage because well it was pus.  Yes pus and it was red around the incisions.  More infection.

This time I was put on Keflex.

Five days into the Keflex I'm still producing pus and the incisions are red.  WTH

I just took a shower and was really gentle around the incisions.  I mean it isn't much pus.  I've never had an incision get infected like this before.  It isn't like it is in swamp territory either.  This is three inches above my naval.  Last surgery I had minimal drainage from the uterus being removed but that was normal and needed no antibiotics which is surprising considering that had 19 staples in it.  Three of the four incisions are red this time around.  But should I be surprised considering this is the same hospital that I saw the cockroach on the wall in the in-patient area for the MRI?  Not like Tricare gave us much choice of where to get this surgery done.


  1. Goodness girl :( I am really hoping everything heals SOON and you get well.


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